Berserker A6

MvM but you're attacking (MvM 'Dungeon Crawler' Mode)

  1. A6 Released

    • Renamed both missions from a5b:
      • "Corpse Cacophony" to "Advanced"
      • "Ghost Gallery" to "Intermediate"
    • Included Debug01 and Debug02 (for fun)
    • Fight two bosses on Debug01 (for a challenge)

    Mission: Advanced Changelog
    • Boss HP up from 16k -> 18k. Melee form charges at you. Black Box rockets healing up from 500 -> 1000. Boss now correctly has crits in form 3.

    Mission: Intermediate Changelog...
  2. A5b Released

    • As of now, this map is 100% playable, no crashes. There ARE some known bugs, like the revive bugs (see end post), but that is it.
    • This will be the last update until I fix the known bugs, a new bug arises, or some major is releasable. Can't keep releasing so many version like this.
    • Server owners are recommended to update to this version and remove older versions from their server(s).

    Major Changes
    • Fixed bug where Ubered targets wouldn't...
  3. A5a Released

    Major Changes
    • Fixed the server crash when human player leaves the server (due to a <NULL> input to a filter entity).
      • This happened because the action list didn't know what entity was sending an input to the filter, thus breaking the whole server!
  4. A4d Released

    Major Changes
    • Fixed 2nd revive closet doorway not being big enough to let people out, trapping them.
    • Made 2nd revive closet open the other direction off the main path.
    • Fixed 3rd revive closet door not glowing.
    • Fixed shop making robots invincible.
    • Fixed player naming logic input firing wrong FireUser.
    • Fixed robots reviving players by opening revive closet doors.
    • Fixed Engineer buildings being destroyed by entering locked doorways
    • Fixed bug where bot with "Tag...
  5. A4c Released

    Major Changes
    • Repositioned props clipping into the wall
    • Fixed a bouncy window in s1 spawn room
    • Fixed stage 1 boss not moving at all! Nav problems.
    • Fixed missing key textures.
  6. A4b Released

    Major Changes
    • Fixed bug where boss wouldn't spawn
    • Fixed bug where cap points weren't locked
    • Fixed bug where players wouldn't teleport to final boss area
    • Renamed custom upgrades file to map name. (Changed .res file and in-game relay to reflect this change.)

    Mission: Ghost Gallery (int) Changes
    • Removed "damage causes airblast" from Detonator Pyros.
  7. A4A Bug Fixes

    Major Fixes
    • Fixed bug where resupply closets wouldn't activate (thus preventing revives).
    • Brightened up s1a1 and s1a2 rooms considerably.
    • Fixed some places where players can see through the ground
    • Renamed logic for setup_onstarttouch for CP's to include area number. (ex. setup_onstarttouch_s1a3_cp2)
    • Reduced entity limit count
      • (Read as) version: entity count upon map bootup / entity count upon stage 1 bootup
        • a4 : 586 / 1153
        • a4a : 492 / 978
  8. A4 Released

    Major Changes
    • Added two new missions: Ghost Gallery (intermediate) and Corpse Cacophony (advanced)
    • Player naming logic now supports up to 10 players and 26 bots.
    • Upon death, players will turn into GHOSTS and are able to float around. They can still be revived by opening closet doors.
    • New custom upgrades have been implemented onto the map.
    • Added logic to let a robot drop treasure upon destruction via pop file tag. (Tags are: drop_random,...
  9. A3 "New Beginning"

    Main Changes
    • Can now use the full arsenal of weaponry: Medieval mode has been removed for good.
    • Due to accessibility of the map and server owners, Custom Upgrades have been removed.
    • Reworked the attributes system to use OnUser inputs and wicked-cool StartTouch tricks (instead of only using map triggers and timers)
  10. a2 upgrade

    • Fixed boss not wanting to come out of the gates.
    • Fixed portal out of the boss chamber instantly teleporting players without opening the door out.
    • Deleted bot_idle and all related entities.
    • Added missing "shop_generic" wave icon.