Batteringram A15

Payload map that has a medieval theme

  1. A15


    I made a lot of changes with spawn locations and capture point locations for this version. As well designed most of last, so hopefully blu has a better chance at pushing into it. Last version had some op sentry spots and awkward flank routes at last.

    - moved red's first spawn closer to first area of the map
    - red spawn at last once second capture point is captured
    - moved first capture point further to after bridge / inside area (similar to like it was in older versions)...
  2. A14


    I made a ton on changes for this version. The biggest change being that I completely removed capture point D, the church / water fountain area. I really like how that area looked but gameplay wise it did not work play very well. Plus the map felt too long with so many capture points. Worked a lot on cleaning up and stopping long sightlines in the first area. Then rebuild the connecters that lead to last. Opened up and worked on the routes for capture point C. Made a...
  3. Major redesigns !

    I finally had some time to come back and work on this map. I made a ton of changes and redesigned a majority of the map. Ill list off some of the bigger changes..

    - cart now starts in the water area
    - raised water level
    - moved location of capture points
    - added completely new area ( CP C)
    - map now has 5 capture points total (from 4)
    - rebuilt last

    20190125071511_1.jpg 20190125071523_1.jpg 20190125071523_1.jpg 20190125071538_1.jpg 20190125071605_1.jpg ...
  4. A11 Tweaking more things and stuff

    I wasn't home when a10 was tested on the server and the demo website is still bwoke so I'm not sure how some of those changes played out. Hopefully the shorter spawn time for red aided in there defence of last. Though iIdo see that blu won the round 3 out of 3 times.
    In this update I made a few more changes to last and some minor tweaks around the map.

    - added medium health pack by waterfall of first area
    - removed health and ammo packs under bridge
    - added platform near...
  5. A10 !

    With this update I'm hoping third control point has more of a defensive chance from red and that the game play of last feels more balanced.

    - changed red respawn time from 9 to 6 between cp2 and cp3
    - moved the push cart ramp to high ground on blu side to red side by third cp. so that blu has a less direct route to high ground and red has a more direct route and visual cue towards the high ground
    - redesigned left building at last. made a drop down for red so blu have a...
  6. Gameplay Tweaks

    Had another playtest and I'm liking the flow of gameplay though certain areas of the map still need some adjustment. Especially the area between first and second points. It's been really in red's favor and too chokey. So I made some tweaks to help blu push that area and then added some things to help red defend last.

    The first capture point was much easier to capture with the tweaks from last update, though blu was still getting pushed back to their spawn when they are...
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  7. A8 - Gameplay tweaks and hopefully I packed it right this time

    Got to playtest the map and had a generally positive reaction to the map. I loved seeing how players utilized certain areas of the map. It was a lot of fun.
    Though there were definitely some issue. First off I didn't pack the custom props properly :( hopefully I pack them correctly this time. The big door to the castle and church is a custom prop from medieval prefab pack, then use some props and 1...
  8. A7 - optimization and some tweaks

    worked on optimization and made a few tweaks here and there.

    - removed some of the wood fence props and replaced them with brushes to help in portal flow optimization.
    - added more hint and skips brushes
    - added in area portals around map
    - added teleporters for when spawns change so you dont get locked inside a spawn room.
    - added a couple more health and ammo packs around the map
    - some other stuff
  9. A6 - Come back to this map after like 1.5 years :D


    One of the most common things people said as feedback during the playtesting of the older versions was.. hey this map looks kind of cool but too bad its medieval mode. Medieval mode sucks. I wonder how it would play as a normal payload map.

    So, It's no longer medieval mode! It's no longer a medieval mode payload map, its a payload map that has a medieval theme.

    Spent some time working on this map after about year and a half of not really touching it. I changed so...
  10. fix leak


    fixed a leak