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  1. BiiigSip

    Koth_Depot_tf2c 2

    A Simple Team Fortress 2 Classic version of Koth_Depot King of the hill map set in a train depot, This map was made in a little over 1 hour as part of a self imposed challenge for myself and i think it turned out really well, the point play surprising well with it changing hands very often in...
  2. BiiigSip

    Koth_Depot 2

    King of the hill map set in a train depot, This map was made in a little over 1 hour as part of a self imposed challenge for myself and i think it turned out really well, the point play surprising well with it changing hands very often in testing with a group of friends and bots the trains were...
  3. Dr.Pootis-001

    CTF_Woodworks Beta V1

    a collaborative prototype of a map called woodworks. it has many bugs that need to be addressed such as the flags not working on player and only for bots.
  4. Gluten

    Dataremake A6

    I tried to do a fun koth map, one of my first experience with hammer. The name contain "remake" because it was meant to be a remake I tried to do a while ago but in the end I kept nothing from the original one. Anyways, that's my first upload here and I hope you'll enjoy the map.
  5. The Marxinator

    cp_skyway_seiban_b1 b1

    A linear symmetrical CP map with three points. Each team controls one side objective by default. There is a central objective which must be captured before the opposing team's point may be captured. A skyway extends over the central objective linking the side objectives. Only a door separates...
  6. ButteredSideDown

    koth_bainbridge_a1 2020-12-11

    Just the first map I've ever uploaded. Had a few adventures with hammer in the past but with this one I plan to stay with it and improve it over time. Thanks, and have fun!
  7. RmxMi

    WIP_a1 2020-06-01

    This map's in its EARLY stages only one team has a spawn and the blue cart is what the red team must damage it's a damageable prop and you can damage it as a blue don't really know how to fix that but the red team will have a red cart blu will have to kill and when you kill a team's cart the...
  8. Mercia

    Metanol A3 (fix2)

    Two teams fighting in a facility filled with explosive barrels to the brim. I think that kinda fits TF2's themes and silly humour. This is my first tf2 map. ~~~ Overwiew image:
  9. Patrlim

    athermic a2

    a simple koth map im develpoing, hope to get it playtested here
  10. Mik3l24

    Fountain Square A1

    It is a KotH map with a relatively open control point, with various points of highground and flanking routes to help in capturing. In the future I want to give it a relaxed, french riviera styled town square vibe, thus the warm Harvest skybox. In actuality it is not my first, second map. The...
  11. SolarKnight2

    Third Row a1

    It’s not supposed to be “ctf” it’s “koth.” I messed up the category like I do everything in life. It’s a shit map made by a shit player. As if that’s unexpected.
  12. M

    Long fight 2019-07-09

    run to the fight then shoot people in the face
  13. Zonicsto

    Prime b1_v2

    Hello! I'm doing a remake of my first level because... idk, but I like how it goes and I want to share it to know your opinion.
  14. Waugh101

    Cement A7

    Cement is a King of the Hill map centered around a concrete manufacturing plant. An overview of the map In-Game: The Control Point: Spawn Court Yard: This is the first map I've uploaded to, so please let me know if I missed something when uploading and didn't notice. Since...
  15. Lokk iz a skul

    First_Room 1.0.0

    An in-development arena map complete with beautiful dev textures, no resupply cabinets and not much gameplay. I added some sniper towers to make for some better movement and gameplay, but overall it is just my first map.
  16. ComradeRoffel

    cp_currentlynosea A4

    I took a pause from working on fryground and made this in my free time. I am planning this to be set in an underwater lab, probably oceanic style.
  17. ZungryWare

    pl_condemned (old) a12

    This map is under major reconstruction and will be posted as a new download once finished. Here is the (outdated) long version: View: Originally conceived as a payload/control point hybrid map, condemned includes slow-sections in some checkpoints...
  18. H20Gamez

    Redwood B25

    Koth Redwood is my first take on a default gamemode. Detailing is still in progress but the layout will stay around the same. We are currently testing the map on and off with a handfull of NC/AM Players for 6s. The map hasnt been tested for HL yet.
  19. F4NGS

    Batteringram A15

    Spent some time working on this map after about year and a half of not really touching it. I changed so much! There's some familiar landmarks and areas. Though I probably scraped 2/3 of the map and developed a lot of new areas. I can't wait to playtest it and see how it plays out. One of the...