Medieval Prefab Pack A1 (Reupload)

This is a collection of some props and brush work I've been using in my map Burghausen.

  1. Gadget
    This is a collection of some props and brush work I've been using in my map Burghausen.

    Make sure to leave texture lock [tl] enabled if you're copying any items unless you want to realign the textures. Also make sure to disabled the ignore group [ig] feature when you're copying a prefab. Once you have pasted the copied objects you can toggle it on again and move it around. This often helps if you have trouble aligning it with the grid.

    Most of the props have fade distances set already but you might have to adjust them depending on how you use them.

    I've included two medieval door custom props that I've made for Burghausen. Feel free to use them for your map and don't forget to pack them into the BSP file if you do. A 'thank you' mention in your credits would be appreciated if you use them. Just unpack the 'materials' and 'models' folder into your TF2 folder (Steam\SteamApps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\).


    1. Workshop_MedievalPrefabs_Screenshot01.jpg
    2. Workshop_MedievalPrefabs_Screenshot02.jpg
    3. Workshop_MedievalPrefabs_Screenshot03.jpg
    4. Workshop_MedievalPrefabs_Screenshot04.jpg
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  1. Uploaded again because of the server issues

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  1. Huwareyou
    Version: A1 (Reupload)
    Thank you so much, this is going to be really helpful for my medieval koth map I'm working on! I'll make sure to credit you.
    Version: A1 (Reupload)
    I'm a huge fan of medieval. Since trying to make doorways, towers, and all kinds of castle/town geometry was really time consuming, this prefab is a huge help.
  3. Chicago Ben
    Chicago Ben
    Version: A1 (Reupload)
    Decent prefabs like the nodraw touches. Bookcase and candles are also nice pluses. Overall a simple decent prefab if your straching your head for medieval content.