Asenji Lighting Sign (No JimiJam) Re-upload

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  1. Nicky
    Are you feeling down and need something to brighten up your day? Or you just need help seeing 10 feet in front of you? Well, if it involves light, Asenji Lighting Services has got you covered! Our expert wiring and lighting skills will be sure you never have a dark day again, guaranteed!

    An edit from the the previous poster, just removed the JimiJam face because people felt it did not fit. Probably should be used on the BLU side of the map, due to it's colors, but it can be used anywhere. The size of the texture is 512x512. When you download the zip, you'll get:


    The path for the texture should be materials/signs/asenji_lighting_nojam_sign.vtf
    If you use this in your map, please be sure to credit me!

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