1. Yrr

    Generic Smissmas/Winter signs 2022-11-05

    Generic smissmas/winter versions of various signs from Badlands May update this download with more if people have suggestions for more signs sign_smissmas001 - "Snow Plow" variant of Zippy Plow sign sign_smissmas002 - "Red Peaks Mountaineering" variant of Red Valley Mining sign sign_smissmas003...
  2. Stack Man

    pl_brainblast assets a2

    Custom Content from pl_brianblast, including models and a number of overlays. Free to use with credit. If there are any missing assets or if you'd like the project files, don't be afraid to ask.
  3. Yaki

    Generator Destruction Signs v2

    Signs that say "GENERATOR" or "BATTERY" on them. Meant for the Generator Destruction game mode. File path for all the signs is props_yaki/generator_destruction/signs/ Drop in your Custom folder to use them. No credit needed. I included a GIMP file for those that want to make their own signs or...
  4. D

    "Comedic" Gameplay Signs v1

    An edit of the gameplay signs to say various of suggested things. Includes hanging and arrow versions of the sign!
  5. Ismaciodismorphus

    F signs pack 4/6/2022

    This is a pack with an f sign + 5 variants that display + a, b , c , d and e points.
  6. Endermage77

    Passtime Signs 2021-05-17

    Pass Manufacturing is proud to present a new line of instructional signs for mercs on how to handle its signature product, the Passtime JACK! Included are a variety of signs concerning various matters as how to handle the jack, who is allowed to handle the jack, and certain dangers that may...
  7. Kaleidescoop

    PASS Time Goal Signs v2

    These helpful PASS Time signs indicate what kind of goal is nearby, allowing players to better understand what to do with the JACK. Includes three different sets of signs for Throw-In goals, Run-In goals, and Bonus goals. Each set has grey, red, and blue variants. To install, drag the...
  8. SnickerPuffs

    Snicker's Jokesigns v2

    Inspired by (basically just a rip-off of) @Velvott's "Really Stupid Sign Edits" To download, extract the "materials" folder and drop it in your "tf" folder.
  9. Bakscratch

    bakscratch model collection v1

    A collection of models and materials for your use! Originally models that I made for Open Fortress, and issues with dx80 let me know.
  10. Mikroscopic

    Additional Letter Signs a1

    Made these for 21gorge, someone requested a blue version of the D sign.
  11. yelta_

    Change Skin of entitys

    On my koth map I have two prop_statistics sign003.mdl. I want them to quickly change their skin when the point is captured, or while the point is being captured. Something like this: while Capturepoint.capturing == True: sign003.mld(skin) = random.randrange(0, 6) time.wait(1) return() If...
  12. B!scuit

    No-build signs A2

    Handful of signs for no-build areas (specifically building filtered no-build) Slapped these together for ages ago and haven't used them since Includes .pngs and the .xcf I painted them in (source images are from TF2 wiki)
  13. Emil_Rusboi

    Soviet Signs a1

    My soviet style signs from my map koth_krasnaya_ploshad
  14. Urban

    Generic Industrial Sign Pack 3

    A set of 35 (not including variants) signs of various kinds, not much more to say other than that really. Put the .vtf & .vmt files in your materials/signs folder for this to work! (If you've downloaded the previous version and are asked if you want to replace files already in your folder...
  15. Jusa

    Soviet signs from Kalinka 2017-10-13

    Forgot to upload these so here they are in case someone else has use for them. Might add more/edit them later. Credit me somewhere if you use them in your level.
  16. suber36g

    I got a bit of an issue...

    (Ignore the white flashes) I was in the middle of placing down signs when i realizes that the red sign is round, is there Red square signs or not?
  17. suber36g

    is there a way to convert overlays into textures?

    I'm making a map a i need the arrows signs as textures, is it possible to convert overlays into textures or do i have to somehow find it on the internet?
  18. Square

    Past 72hr Jam Entry Australian Signs 2017-02-13

    Made to go alongside the Mini Australian Prop Pack I worked on with the incredibly talented Sedimentarysocks and Populus. This download contains 3 signs that I made during the course of the 72hr Jam, I hope you enjoy them. They should all work... I think .
  19. SnickerPuffs

    Collider Signs rc3

    Signs I made for the soon-to-be-released cp_collider, by me and @The Letter Before A. Contains 13 Overlays and their respective VMTs.
  20. fuzzymellow

    Past 72hr Jam Entry Bullseye Bill's Bullets and More! 2016-07-22

    Comes in red and blue flavor!