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  1. StarStrider

    Time to pitch in and MANN UP! 2021-12-20

    Recently been really into MvM and old propaganda-type posters so I wanted to combine the 2! Busted out the old photoshop and stared at a blank screen until something happened and here it is! Really proud of how this came out after a bunch of second-guessing and asking for opinions. Profile...
  2. g0r3

    The Chemistry Set Journey A1

    Fanart of a The Original Collectors Cemistry Set! Made with, original File attached.
  3. capta1n

    Miami Days 2021-12-19

    We present our joint work for the annual event 'The 72 Hour Jam 2021' Over poster worked:
  4. RednessQuaver

    Seconds Count | 72 Hour Jam Entry 2021-12-18

    Here's my entry for the 72 Hour Jam! I had a more simple idea than I thought I would so I got done a bit early. I'm pretty proud of how it turned out. Happy Holidays everyone! :)
  5. boop

    Preparations 2021-12-17

    The red team is preparing to make a fuss
  6. XEnderFaceX

    Raising the Blu Flag Final

    TF2 Version of the famous "Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima" Picture Made for the 72hr Jam 2020
  7. g0r3

    Achievementhunting Scout A1

    Fanart of our beloved Scout, on the way to his first Achievement Milestone! Made with, original File attached.
  8. InstalerUP

    Save memories 2020-09-06

    Travel will forever remain in your memory if you capture them on film in time.
  9. RednessQuaver

    Winter Sniping Spot 1

    Here's my submission for the 72Hour Jam, I had fun making it and chatting to friends while thinking of ideas for a poster. I decided to go with a simple scene featuring everyone's favorite sniper in a winter setting with a good vantage point. Here's a link to my Steam Profile...
  10. ECKS

    Playin' Some Tunes 2020-09-05

    My entry for the 72 Hour Jam is just a quick SFM poster I made. I'm not good at making maps but I hope this works. LINKS: My steam profile Map I used Vinyl record model Turntable model
  11. JLaum3

    [SFM] I AM A GOD! 2020-09-05

    engi thinks he's a god now. well, i have some bad news for him... steam link is:
  12. onra77

    5 spray paints posters 2019-08-05

    The download is a zip archive containing the 5 posters in .tga format. The post body contains the .png files Hi ! This year for the 72hr jam, I planned to make 10 posters ! I didn't like the last two, I realized number 2 and number 7 were the same, and I were doing to much things outside of the...
  13. ZeBadmedic

    The Party Plane 2019-08-04

    I always wanted to join one of these 72 Hour Jams. But I was never happy with my work. But this 72 Hour Jam I am finally proud of my Work ;) It was a fun to make and thanks for the people in the Discord for the Lighting Tips ;)
  14. no succ

    [Gmod] Double Trouble 2019-08-04

    Made in Garry's Mod, CS5
  15. Live4Fun7369

    Once Upon a Time... In Teufort 2019-08-04

    TF2 72H Summer Jam Entry Software used:Source Film Maker Gimp Paint Feel free to check out the movie poster that its based on: Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood
  16. iPak

    Poster — «Don't touch that» 2019-08-03

    Made by: iPak FUNnatik Slowpoke
  17. Ansanie

    The Attack of the Dead Men 2019-08-03

    My 72hr jam entry. SFM poster inspired by The third assault of Osowiec Fortress in July-August 1915.
  18. g0r3

    Heavy Update Rumors A1

    Fanart for the awaited Heavy Update! Made with, original File attached.
  19. Mr. Festive

    [SFM] Femsentry 2019-08-03

    4lvl and now +tities
  20. 1R# Fry_Friday

    Silent night on 2fort 2019-08-03

    Only my lighting on the poster, it seems to work out pretty well