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  1. MC_Labs15

    72hr Jam 2023 Cadaverous Cap (Poster) 2023-09-18

    NOTE: The hat itself was completed beforehand, but the poster was created entirely during the jam and is what constitutes my submission. It's tall! It's jiggly! YES... YES... IT'S... A HAT!! This slowly putrefying mound of secondhand skin is guaranteed to be the most disgusting thing you've...
  2. tekt

    72hr Jam 2023 "The Lost Continents" poster from cardboard 1

    It's the "Visit The Lost Continents"-poster as seen in the game (such as in Steel BLU spawn), created with pieces of cut cardboard, apart from the bottom text. (Poster as seen in-game) This took me around 15 hours in total between two days. I didn't have much prior experience with layered...
  3. Heliosss

    72hr Jam 2023 Takin' the Intel 2023-09-17

    MADE WITH: Blender (Eevee) HisAnimation's Blender ports Muzzle flash from FootageCrate
  4. RednessQuaver

    72hr Jam 2023 Impromptu Truce 2023-09-17

    My poster submission for the 2023 Jam, hope you like it! Just a little impromptu peace time between Red & Blu.
  5. Lateguy

    72hr Jam 2023 Mann Co. Lemon-NADE Ad poster 1.0

    Are YOU tired of regular, safe, bland lemonade? SPICE UP YOUR LIFE! Mann Co. presents: LEMON-NADE! Our competitors brag about their "Handmade" lemonade. Flash news maggots! There is nothing impressive about squeezing lemons with your hands. We here at Mann Co. showed those hippies what real...
  6. HiddenEgg

    72hr Jam 2023 'Workspace' 2023-09-17

    Made w/ Procreate using default and TrueGrit halftone brushes.
  7. ZeBadmedic

    72hr Jam 2023 Com'on Medic! Let's go Headtrick! 2023-09-16

    I tried so hard to do something in blender, but I'm to stupid to make Textures work. That's why i went back to something i know SFM. Hope you like it :)
  8. Agent_228

    72hr Jam 2023 The last survivor 2023-09-16

    Happy Halloween!
  9. R3DCyclops

    72hr Jam 2023 Dispencer Cool poster 2023-09-15

    I just made a propaganda poster to attract engineers to build dispensers more often, You can print it out and hang it on your wall, or port it as spray it in TF2 Thanks <3 What I used: A Discerning Eye Stock models Photoshop
  10. PrivateerMan

    Pro Tag Guitar Lessons poster 2022-11-01

    Here's a poster/spray that lets you pay tribute to a fabulous kitty and a guitar master who once saved the world from an evil imp.
  11. Ashe_tfwiki

    Joston Herpetology Institute Poster 1

    I haven't seen anyone do something similar before, so I spent a few hours in doing this. Since almost all TF2 devs have a poster that references them (e.g. Driller to Dave Riller), I think Joshua deserves one too :) I'm not a graphic designer so excuse me if it looks ugly or something...
  12. Ly0ha

    72hr Jam 2022 Demo on vacation 2022-07-25

    My first work
  13. Will Smith

    72hr Jam 2022 Engineer gaming 0.001

    Especially for the TF2jam Creativity Festival!
  14. arch

    72hr Jam 2022 [Artwork] Rocket Launcher Poster 1.0

    A poster/artwork of the rocket launcher that is heavily inspired by swiss style design and the "Iconic Arms" series on Youtube by Ahoy. Also credit to the TF2 Wiki for the rocket launcher description and damage specifications. Thank you for looking at my artwork! :)
  15. ProGaMEr110521

    72hr Jam 2022 TF2 Poster in Minecraft Style 2022-07-24

    TF2 Poster in Minecraft Style This is a TF2 poster stylysed in minecraft-like style. All the resources were made by ProGaMEr110521 and Grenka(Map, Knife, Skin, Briefcase, portcigar, Hats. The poster was made in several steps. 1. Idea - Creating the idea 2. Preparing...
  16. Feelin

    72hr Jam 2022 Small SFM 2022-07-24

    Just a small SFM poster I did with my friend. This is my first work especially for 72 Hour Jam, but I was completely new to SFM, but with the help of my friend, we made it and I'm very happy with the result, so I hope this works! :) He did the background and helped me a little with the pose...
  17. Kloppi

    72hr Jam 2022 Me and my buddies 2022-07-24

    Did a little poster for the jam which contains me and my friends in a pose that they requested it in. Starting from the, the first one is my scout which I used to try a bit of forced perspective, the second one is creepy, who is making a map for the jam so I thought it would be fitting if he was...
  18. Q_qiwi #SaveTf2

    72hr Jam 2022 Memes from my Tf 2 Games and a Poster in Peopele Playground 2022-07-23

  19. Qu1Zz1337

    72hr Jam 2022 Spyfall 1

    This poster is a parody on skyfall. The movie that i enjoy, and it is a bit of a meme about spies that usually play with such a high score in casual. I THINK ITS FUNNY)) I'm not the best poster creator, but i think that this one looks pretty good. I was doing it just in case that this JAM is...
  20. Nerd Sphere

    72hr Jam 2022 The Pursuit 2022-07-23

    Made this poster. Kinda took an inspiration from the car chase scene of Lupin III: The First. My Steam: