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  1. Sonoma

    Better Call Conagher v1

    Hi, I'm Dell Conagher, did you know you have sentries? PDA says you do, and so do I. Special Thanks: @Phe for posing the Engineer
  2. Cindycomma

    72hr Jam "Jamboree" Poster 7/21/22

    An overlay to use in your 72hr Jam 2022 ventures! To use this overlay, take the "cindy72" folder out of the zipped file, and drop it into the "custom" folder. The file will be called "cindy72_22_carposter Please credit me if you use this in your map! Happy jamming :3
  3. Yaki

    Generator Destruction Signs v2

    Signs that say "GENERATOR" or "BATTERY" on them. Meant for the Generator Destruction game mode. File path for all the signs is props_yaki/generator_destruction/signs/ Drop in your Custom folder to use them. No credit needed. I included a GIMP file for those that want to make their own signs or...
  4. Ismaciodismorphus

    Extended sign pack 5/3/2022

    Models included are called sign_wood_cap003 and sign_wood_cap004 respectively red and blu skins for d e f and e+d signs
  5. Ray is Sucky

    globetrotter_raymontisaurus assets 2022-04-18

    Australian outlet + meatymite sign textures
  6. Hweepo

    Stencil Decals 2022-01-07

    Has one team had to set up shop hastily and not had time to bring in their sign_gameplay01s? Are you going for a graffiti-type style? Do you for any reason need stencil decals saying "BATTLEMENTS," "CAPTURE POINT," "CONTROL POINT," "EXIT," "INTELLIGENCE," or "RESUPPLY" in team colors? if so...
  7. leezo

    Croccy Sign Version 1

    An edit of sign001.mdl to tell players that a pool of water may be infested by some "friendly creatures". To install, put the "CroccySign" folder within the .zip file into your TF2's custom folder. The model is called "sign_croccy", and has 2 skins. This was made for a refresh on the Blender...
  8. Smurfin USA

    DDT Misc. Decal Pack 2021-12-20

    vtf/vmt files in a .zip. Keep them in the folder named smurfin_custom and put that folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\materials These are loosely themed around a map I'm making. It takes place in coastal chemical facilities, where safety is a prohibited...
  9. Stack Man

    72hr Jam "BLU IMPORTS" Overlay a1

    An overlay made for the 72hr jam. Inspired by and based on Velvy's "RED EXPORTS" version: The texture is named "summerjam_2021_jamimports_blu".
  10. Cindycomma

    72hr Jam "RED EXPORTS" Overlay 12/11//21

    An overlay I made for use in the TF2Maps 2021 72hr Winter Jam! To use it for yourself, take "72h" out of the zipped folder and place it in your tf\custom folder The texture will appear as "summerjam_2021_jamimports" Have fun!
  11. Tianes

    Sinthetic Prop Pack V1

    A portion of the props created for koth_synthetic_event Tianes - Models Blaholtzen - Textures, Concept Art & Sounds
  12. bagelchips

    Model Large Red and Blue Signs For CTF Gamemode

    Looking for two large (192 by 192) signs. Both signs with two skins: one that reads Battlements and a second the reads Intelligence. The red sign should be made of wood, while the blue one should be metal. Both signs exhibit moderate levels of wear. Please excuse my terrible drawing.
  13. Enderspoons

    Passtime Signs 2021-05-17

    Pass Manufacturing is proud to present a new line of instructional signs for mercs on how to handle its signature product, the Passtime JACK! Included are a variety of signs concerning various matters as how to handle the jack, who is allowed to handle the jack, and certain dangers that may...
  14. Ray is Sucky

    Sign templates and custom signs used by me 2021-03-31

    [ the zip file includes the vmt files for the overlays and the png and jpg files for the templates
  15. XEnderFaceX

    "Watch you'r Step" Sign Transparent 2021-03-28

    I Made a Transparent Version of the "Watch you'r Step" Sign, it hides the Wood behind it, as it was used for 2Fort's Wooden Bridge. Hope this helps, Enjoy
  16. Layla

    PolarPlant base decals 2020-08-01

    This is the logos I made for Waugh101's art pass of Sirc's PolarPlant map! Behold, RED's Polar Power and BLU's Arctic Energy! (VTFs and VMFs in the download!) In game shot: The logos on their own:
  17. TheRedPyro

    (Cheap) Employee of the month sign Alpha 0.1.5

    This is not what it seems! It's just construction paper with a picture of The Engineer taped on and taped together with a color palette strip. If you want to, oh I don't know, show people that whoever owns the company's building the Team is playing CTF or Control Points or Payload or something...
  18. Mikroscopic

    Additional Letter Signs a1

    Made these for 21gorge, someone requested a blue version of the D sign.
  19. Cindycomma

    Heron's really stupid sign edits V2

    I made some edits of the sign084 texture, better known as the DANGER: HIGH VOLTAGE | KEEP OUT sign This pack contains 7 signs as of the first release, including 2 signs that can be used in more serious maps The .ZIP contains a folder to create your own sign as well, the font is Arial Bold To...
  20. Startacker!

    Internal Failure Warning Sign V1

    Warning signs are made to be simple and quick to understand. Graphics are a good way of immediately conveying information or warning of potential hazards, regardless of language. This sign... is something else, however. Created by Pie_Savvy! Installation: put the signs folder into a materials...