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  1. Yrr

    72hr Jam 2023 Card Suit point signs/icons a1

    Red, Blue, and Neutral signs Control Point Overlays (like the ABC on Gravelpit/the ABCDE on Steel) For situations where points need to be labelled but you don't want to introduce confusion by using ordered "ABCD" labels Includes vmf showing how to set up the hud point labels.
  2. Ismaciodismorphus

    Pharmacy Sign 7/16/2023

    A pharmacy sign prop
  3. Wendy

    politically incorrect sign 1

    i saw a meme on the discord and decided to make it into a tf2 sign
  4. Mountain Man

    Looking a neutral D sign for my map

    Hello, I'm looking for a neutral D sign like this in TF2C from dom_hydro for my hydro map. I tried to extract it from the map using GCFScape but I can't get it to work. Anyone have anything like it? Thanks.
  5. Wendy

    dual arrow gameplay sign 2023-03-24

    gameplay signs with 2 arrows instead of 1! was originally made for tf2c
  6. Gruppy

    A-B-C Signs V3

    These were made with TCDOM in mind. Includes 4 sign models with Grey, Blue, and Red skins. Also Included is an animated arrow sign, similar to the one on Hydro. Also includes texture and .qc sources as well as the blend file
  7. Cincomma

    Pride Signs! Forgot things!!

    Nine signs featuring pride flags! Throw this into your map and show off your pride. Follow the instructions in the provided README to use this in your map. Please credit me.
  8. Ismaciodismorphus

    Ski Sign Pack 11/21/2022

    Collection of sign edits made for Tundramountain
  9. Stack Man

    "Rapid Exports & Delivery" and "Ballistics - Logistics - Unlimited" Signs a1

    A Red "Rapid Exports & Delivery" sign featuring a delivery truck and a Blu "Ballistics - Logistics - Unlimited" sign featuring a train. Originally made for a non-jam version of a plr map in 2021.
  10. Sonoma

    Better Call Conagher v2

    Hi, I'm Dell Conagher, did you know you have sentries? PDA says you do, and so do I. Special Thanks: @Phe for posing the Engineer
  11. Cincomma

    72hr Jam "Jamboree" Poster 7/21/22

    An overlay to use in your 72hr Jam 2022 ventures! To use this overlay, take the "cindy72" folder out of the zipped file, and drop it into the "custom" folder. The file will be called "cindy72_22_carposter Please credit me if you use this in your map! Happy jamming :3
  12. Yaki

    Generator Destruction Signs v2

    Signs that say "GENERATOR" or "BATTERY" on them. Meant for the Generator Destruction game mode. File path for all the signs is props_yaki/generator_destruction/signs/ Drop in your Custom folder to use them. No credit needed. I included a GIMP file for those that want to make their own signs or...
  13. Ismaciodismorphus

    Extended sign pack 5/3/2022

    Models included are called sign_wood_cap003 and sign_wood_cap004 respectively red and blu skins for d e f and e+d signs
  14. Ray is Sucky

    globetrotter entry assets 2022-04-18

    Australian outlet + meatymite sign textures
  15. Hweepo

    Stencil Decals 2022-01-07

    Has one team had to set up shop hastily and not had time to bring in their sign_gameplay01s? Are you going for a graffiti-type style? Do you for any reason need stencil decals saying "BATTLEMENTS," "CAPTURE POINT," "CONTROL POINT," "EXIT," "INTELLIGENCE," or "RESUPPLY" in team colors? if so...
  16. floaty

    Croccy Sign Version 1

    An edit of sign001.mdl to tell players that a pool of water may be infested by some "friendly creatures". To install, put the "CroccySign" folder within the .zip file into your TF2's custom folder. The model is called "sign_croccy", and has 2 skins. This was made for a refresh on the Blender...
  17. Smurfin USA

    DDT Misc. Decal Pack 2021-12-20

    vtf/vmt files in a .zip. Keep them in the folder named smurfin_custom and put that folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\materials These are loosely themed around a map I'm making. It takes place in coastal chemical facilities, where safety is a prohibited...
  18. Stack Man

    72hr Jam "BLU IMPORTS" Overlay a1

    An overlay made for the 72hr jam. Inspired by and based on Velvy's "RED EXPORTS" version: The texture is named "summerjam_2021_jamimports_blu".
  19. Cincomma

    72hr Jam "RED EXPORTS" Overlay 12/11//21

    An overlay I made for use in the TF2Maps 2021 72hr Winter Jam! To use it for yourself, take "72h" out of the zipped folder and place it in your tf\custom folder The texture will appear as "summerjam_2021_jamimports" Have fun!
  20. Tianes

    Sinthetic Prop Pack V1

    A portion of the props created for koth_synthetic_event Tianes - Models Blaholtzen - Textures, Concept Art & Sounds