Ascendant A4

The sky is the limit

  1. Switcharoo!


    • Switched the position of BLU forward spawn to other side of the wall
    • Moved a few elements around for that spawn to work
    • Redesigned last again
    • Redesigned connectors to last
    • Added a few missing clips
    • Experimentation with mayann detailing at RED last, can be safely ignored right now because it'll be changed
    • No more sticky-proof brushes
    • Noone is reading these
    • Reintroducted quantum jump, broke all tooltextures

    Known issues
    • ...
  2. Meet the Ascendant

    • Clipped a lot
    • Moved a resupply at BLU spawn a bit further away from spawn exit
    • Changed right BLU spawn exit to not give defenders such a big sightline into spawn
    • Resized right flank building at BLU spawn
    • Readded rollback zone to last
    • Added hazard stripes on rollback zone
    • Fixed a few brushes that were off by a couple of hu
    • Removed clip on top of structure over A, added nobuild
    • Began switching a lot of buildings from 8-16hu wall width to 32hu...
  3. Hotfix

    • Removed rollback zone for now
    • Raised a building to show that you can't get on top of it
  4. Now with more gameplay within gameplay area

    • Completely remade last
    • Redesigned building south of C, adding flank into last (opens after C is capped)
    • Added some height variation to BLU spawn -> A
    • Redesigned first half from A to B
    Changed timers

    Starting timers
    Time: stays at 330s
    BLU respawn: 4s -> 6s
    RED respawn: stays at 9s

    After A is capped
    Time added: 180s -> 150s
    BLU respawn: 2s -> 4s
    RED respawn: 10s -> 9s

    After B is capped

    Time added: 300s -> 210s