arena_stelae b5


  1. Aeix
    Here is a Mayann themed areana map I decided to make, since I figured I would have a shot at the theme while the hype was around! ;)
    Essentially, fighting takes place around several Mayan "stela" (fancy carved stone blocks) with a big one in the middle of the arena. When the point becomes available to be capped, the central stela explodes, revealing the capture point (we can assume the loosing team blew it up out of jealousy)!
    Still need to repack the bsp to reduce the size. Help? ( @worMatty seems like the sort of person too ask)
    This map is semi-detailed, and I'm not going to do a proper artpass until I have gotten it into a couple of imps or gamedays to make sure the gameplay isn't truly terrible.
    Here are some screenies:
    arena_stelae_0010000.jpg arena_stelae_0010001.jpg arena_stelae_0010002.jpg arena_stelae_0010003.jpg arena_stelae_0010005.jpg Here are some screenshots of the explosion that reveals the point:
    arena_stelae_0010006.jpg After:
    arena_stelae_0010007.jpg arena_stelae_0010008.jpg

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