Dewpit a6a

It's got a tower!

  1. Aeix
    This is my second map - hopefully it will live a little longer than my previous map (so getting it into an imp or gameday would be a start) :p
    This map is actually me taking a break from my biiiiig project :)
    Hopefully this map will play well, I have tried to be a little inventive with gameplay and avoid the classic "Viaduct Formula", as channeling 32 people into one area isn't really my thing.
    I've attempted to have two routes in the map, that connect at spawns and connect again at the point, with one going ontop of the other (kinda like a square figure of eight).
    Here are some pictures: koth_dewpit0000.jpg koth_dewpit0001.jpg koth_dewpit0002.jpg koth_dewpit0003.jpg koth_dewpit0004.jpg koth_dewpit0006.jpg koth_dewpit0002.jpg

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