arena_stelae b5

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Ive made several changes following the feedback from the US gameday:
-Removed trigger_hurt from the explosion: the explosion is now purely aesthetic
-Removed the bridge that spawned in the wake of the explosion
-Added some foliage
Just forgot to pack version b4, updated the download with a packed version!
Some small things, I wont be re-submitting my map to a gameday/imp yet...
-Fixed a seam
-Fixed missing texture shards on floor after point explodes
-Fixed Z-fighting door with wall
-Added some more clipping in the sky (you can't escape the map anymore)
-Added various small clips
-Cap now activates after 45 seconds
-Various small details
-Added a waterfall!
-Clipped trees so they are no longer exploitable hopefully
trees are a fucking nightmare
I still need to close in the skybox, and find a decent effect for the waterfall (at the moment its a really small, underwhelming, kinda shitty one).
Also @Lain I defiantly agree that I should lower the cap time (I may need to lower it further than I have in this update), but I doubt I will remove the explosion. I personally don't think it lends to bad gameplay, and I also felt that its an amusing feature that makes this map stand out. This isn't really a serious map, it was more me teach-myself-some-logic-oh-lets-have-a-go-at-the-mayann-update sort of accident :p
Also, the sightlines are a lot more disgusting and the layout is a lot worse with the center "stela/monolith thing" removed, so only doing it at the end of the game means it isn't such an issue in terms of gameplay.
@Berry the reason you get stuck walking around the stela out in the side routes are because there are block bullet clips around them, so that they act as an actual bullet-blocking "thing" rather than just a pretty function. (There would probably be some dumb start of round huntsman kills if that was removed).
Repacked version B3
B3 changelog:
-Fixed missing textures (used sv_pure 2 to check)
-Massively increased the size of the flanks
-Connected tunnels to the flanks
-Added health and ammo pickups
-Stopped Z fighting with spawn doors and walls
Hopefully the extra space should help it play a little better now!
Just an update to focus on repacking (thanks @worMatty !) and clipping.
-Repacked BSP! New extra-small file!
-Added clipping ontop of buildings (still need to do the trees)
-Added trigger hurt for explosion (you now die if you are touching the central "stela" when it explodes, but don't worry - you have the count down to the point unlock to get off it)
-Changed timer slightly to have the "stela" explode slightly later (now sfx are: 5-4-3-2-1-point is now available!-*explosion* )
-Changed spawns visual slightly (now has no roof)
I have a few worries as too how mid will play out when all the people go there, but if 4-5 ppl from each team take the flanks, it should be fine (there are two flanks).