Koth_Influx a1

Holy shit I actually finished a map!

  1. Aeix
    A (kinda generic) koth map featuring a one-way drop and two half doors! (where I couldn't decided to place a door or just leave a blank wall, so compromised and made a door you had to crouch to get through. Probably a terrible idea.)

    I decided to follow the aesthetic of koth_warehouse in the sense that whenever a wall wasn't needed, I just used a fence and skybox, as well as keeping the spawns super basic. I feel this helped me actually complete the map, as it wasn't bogged down with unnecessary brushes.
    Various issues (that I am aware of):
    -You can see into spawns due to placement of skybox
    -There are currently no health/ammo packs
    These will both be fixed before this map is submitted to any kind of testing on tf2m servers.