koth_rust a2

Now with 10% more rust!

  1. Aeix
    It's here! Finally! My very first map (that's actually in a playable state)...
    Introducing: Koth_Rust!
    Rust is a koth map, that I managed to bang out in about 3 days. Respawn time is set at 6 seconds, and cap time is also set at 6 seconds. Point is done in a similar style to cp_gorge's first point, but with more cover and flanks.
    koth_rust_a10002.jpg koth_rust_a10006.jpg koth_rust_a10004.jpg koth_rust_a10003.jpg
    Story: Some time after the death of Zepheniah, Red and Blu set up bases in various areas around the Badlands, some of which were forgotten when they went off to fight the over more important things, like a pit of gravel, and a bowl of dust. Now, Red and Blu hear that someone has developed a new building, on a hill between their old, rusty bases. Naturally, both teams decide that the best course of action is to take the new building for themselves!
    Enjoy :)

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