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  1. Funnystuf

    Funnystuf_mc10 a1

    For Microcontest 10 Based on my first ever map! Uses the Mayann Assets!
  2. PrivateerMan

    Mayann Prop Pack (V1.02) 2018-08-23

    Since the Mayann website is down, the prop pack is unavailable there. However, I downloaded the prop pack while it was still up, and felt it necessary for me to publish it here for use by the TF2 community. I just distributed this, and all the models and materials in this pack belong to their...
  3. Lugenstein

    Model MayannProject Assets

    I can't seem to find any downloads for the MayannProject. Since the download on the forum page was deleted to have the assets downloaded from which has now closed down, I can't find any other way to acquire the assets. Wondering if anyone has some of the files laying...
  4. red3pit

    Dimenssions v1

    My first attempt to make a deathrun map. Includes: - buckets - merasmus Credits: Hipster_Duck - jumppad trap prefab Mayann Team - mayann textures other people - other stuff that i have no idea if they are custom or not (silly me) Any feedback would be very much appreciated!
  5. ♦Lord_Ruchary♦

    The disturbing turbant (72hrs TF2 JAM summer 2017) RC1

    The perfect hat for those who want to be a tirant! Features -Paintable -3 Lods -Facial flexes! (noise ring)
  6. Pigzit

    Araguaia A2C3

    My first ever map! The first released Alpha version of my new KOTH Map for the 72HR Summer Jam. Steam Description: The BLU team and the RED team have both happened across a Mayann Temple after exploring the jungles and caves. Decide who gets to keep it in KOTH Araguaia! Planned...
  7. Mess About

    Sacrificial A3

    A CTF Jungle theme that was made in 3 days for the 72hr Jam event It very rushed, so I don't know all the props were packed in the map
  8. Midlou

    72hr Discover Build18

    JUNGLEEEEE ! ! ! Map by Midlou Custom Content: TF2 - The Mayann Project and PL - Borneo Event: 72Hour TF2Jam Tools: Ultimate Mapping Resource
  9. Exactol

    72hr Butterflies V1

    Textures made by Hyperchaotix Particle names: butterfly_(blue/red/purple)_128 butterfly_(blue/red/purple)_128_single butterfly_(blue/red/purple)_256 butterfly_(blue/red/purple)_static Particles collide with world geometry and stay within their set distances. The number following the...
  10. Kube

    TempleTown A2

    This map is now part of Kube's Fumble Bundle! koth_oryx, now more temple-y.
  11. 14bit

    Holcan A2

    Holcan is a somewhat unique take on capture the flag. The bases and flags are much closer than usual, but there are doors sealing off the easy way into the intel rooms. As soon as the enemy flag is grabbed, the doors begin to slowly open, providing an easy escape from the base. But be warned, as...
  12. Hosomi

    pl_coatl PreAlpha

    +++NOT YET PACKED+++ +++REQUIRES MAYANN ASSET PACK AND AZTEC ASSET PACKS+++ Not yet anywhere ready for playtesting
  13. Don'tAsk4470

    cp_mayann_thing A1

    Until i can come up with a better title and have polished this to a mirror shine, this is going to stay as cp_mayann_thing.
  14. ethosaur

    pl_artifact a3

    ATTENTION: Known issue right now is there might be missing textures for models. I am working on a solution. A small Mayann themed payload map, includes models and textures from Jungle pack and Mayann model pack. Packed with Pakrat, please tell me if it works once you downloaded it...
  15. Pathfind

    El Mirador a1

    This is my first map so don't expect too much.
  16. Pixenal

    72hr Mayann Ammopacks 2016-07-27

    Mayann themed ammo Pickups I didn't have a lot if time during the jam, so I was only able to make the large ammo pickup. I plan on making the other 2 a week or so after the jam finishes. The file contains the model and its textures, as well as a demo map and its vmf. 72 hour jam submission.
  17. Pixenal

    Exposition b5

    Capture the flag map set in a research/ excavation site in ancient Mayann ruins. Credits: • Mayann Resource Pack • Swamp Resource Pack • Construction Resource Pack • Jungle Assets by Heyo • Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack by A Boojum Snark • VIDE If there is anything in the map that...
  18. GooGuGajoob

    Arena Volcano B4c

    In the fiery pits of a volcano comes the ultimate arena for a show-down! Arena Volcano features no control point, and instead features rising lava. Instead of a cap_enabler, the lava instead pushes players to one of two sides of a bridge a-top the Volcano where they must fight to the death in...
  19. Funnystuf

    Collapsed A2

    I'm starting over, making a better map. I'm leaving this here to anyone can try it out if they want, but I'm probably not going to come back and work on it. My first map, designed for the Mayann Project. It uses props and textures from the Mayann Asset Pack and I believe one or two items from...
  20. K

    koth_chickenitza_1.1 (For the Mayann Project) [INVITE//ALPHA]

    BACKSTORY I was really interested with the Mayann Project and I really hope that it would be in the game (even though the Iron Gauntlet is still my most hyped project) so I made a koth map which takes the term literally. I have the concept done and even almost finished it but I just really...