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Altitude B4

Small KOTH map set around a radio tower.


Hey, whassup? I was just... ya know... making this TF2 map and thought that you guys might like it. So here it is: KOTH Altitude.

This is a small KOTH map that is supposed to be set around a radio tower on top of a cliff like the ones in Yosemite (huge drop in one side, small slope on the other). It's already on Beta 4, and I'm looking for some feedback from all the people testing it, so PLEASE, express your thoughts in the therad here. If you have any ideas or improvements for this map, please leave a comment or if you really want PM me on Reddit (where I am all the time): /u/AndroidWG.

Hope ya'll have fun! I'll probably update this randomly. I have no set dealines or anything so...
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Latest updates

  1. Beta 4 is out!

    Beta 4 is up! This is a small update and it brings... - Grass patches - Swaying trees - Revamped tunnel with a pretty balcony - Fixed cubemaps in some places - Added fog - Maybe some other stuff I forgot That's it! Next update will focus around...
  2. Beta 3 released!

    Beta 3 is here and it mostly brings some detailing to the map overall, with a bunch of overlays for you guys to enjoy. - Fixed Area Portals on the stairs leading to the bridge on each side. - Added plenty of overlays and props around the map. -...
  3. Beta 2 version is out!

    Hey fellas. Sorry for no updates since Alpha 3, I only kept this updated on the Workshop and I kinda went on a hiatus in the past 2-3 months. Version Beta 2 focuses a lot on performance, meaning that all the optimization I didn't do since the...