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  1. wolfcl0ck

    2006 Well 1

    Well used to look a whole lot different. It had elevators, it was night time, and the spawn rooms used a whole different art style. Well (heh), after my last video, I thought "Hey, I made a version of the map with the elevator, I made a version of the map set at night, why don't I go the whole...
  2. Arus

    Basic B1

    Basic is a King of the Hill map designed for 24 players. It features two enclosed bases (for each team), a large open area, featuring a prominent hill, and an underground cave area. The map is mostly brushes, and admittedly not VALVe-level work, but it's a dev's first proper map, give him some...
  3. LoFi Otter

    Hilltop Storage B1

    Hilltop Storage takes place in the springtime of 1968 in a remote lumber storage facility and its surrounding area. The Reds and Blus have each simultaneously realized the massive amount of money to be earned if they were to control the warehouse located at the top of a hill within the mountain...
  4. wolfcl0ck

    Wellevator 2021-08-04

    Well used to have an elevator. Now it does again! Hurray.
  5. G

    koth_crazywater_v1 v2

    This map is still in beta so feedback would be appreciated. This map is really small, so they're always be fighting pretty quick. The water basin is great for pyroshark or to hide you under the water. if you playtest it without, please record it so I see how people react. Only playable at 12...
  6. elongated muskrat

    steel wood alpha steel wood alpha 2

    steel wood is a basic mirrored koth map that isn't very good if I'm being honest. it uses the viaduct formula starting with a ramp to give you high ground if the frontline is pushed back, and a building used for snipers. then a balcony connected to a small building with a window, then of course...
  7. Parzivle

    Farm House B1

    An Alpha koth map created around farming. A very simple yet fun koth map. There are places to hide, run, rocket jump and mutch more you can come up with.
  8. TheAmazingFlaminDude

    Other Place V1

    More Like A Team Death Match Than KOTH But It's Got Koth Logic
  9. Lazy Developer

    koth_blockade rc4

    A simple and quite open king of the hill map. Designed in about 2-3 days (on and off). Initially started as a map to learn using displacements. This is only an early version, There are still many things I am not happy with. This map is intended to be played with smaller player numbers (For...
  10. V1S4

    [Open][Beta] A supposed medieval map with a temple

    This map is just a map I came up with randomly. The map has a temple partially inspired by the temple seen in the film "Alien vs Predator". -3 points -The last point is on a tower! -You can survive the fall from the tower(if you have full health) -The torches can light arrows(there are candles...
  11. Will Alfred

    Trade_Eastloch v50

    Heya, Welcome. So, as you've problaby seen by my uploads, Trade_Eastloch got reuploaded in as a different map and version. And theres a reason for it; im Deleting the v13, because it's just not worth keeping it up, since there's a better and patched version over. Yes, i do know that i could...
  12. Dovahbilly

    Pilfer A3

    A work in progress King of the Hill map, featuring a control point with two levels, set in a water processing facility. Run underneath to stop those capturing up top, fire down to the bottom platform to destroy those hiding down there, and more! This map is still a work in progress. Check the...
  13. Beckaboi

    Warehouse (beta) 2020-08-28

    description pending
  14. Beckaboi

    Warehouse (beta) 2020-08-28

    a seaside warehouse where cargo is prepared for export
  15. Beckaboi

    Warehouse (beta) 2020-08-27

    a seaside warehouse preparing cargo for export overseas
  16. thysponge55

    cp_backwoods b3

    Welcome to cp_backwoods (yes, it's a pun) An early version of my fourth TF2 map. Contains: The classic, symetrical 5CP experience. Open middle, with breakable (and broken) windows. Flank routes, as well as main choke-points. Good sentry spots, heavy-holds, sniper lines and spy flanks...
  17. diegotheloser

    Timber a4

    Destroy the enemy satellite by cutting down their tree.
  18. Person Meetup

    Nobleford B1

    Nobleford is an in-development KOTH map with a focus on flanking, positioning, and movement. It has plenty of airspace for rocket-jumping, a nice under area that extends to several flank routes, and plenty of cover for Medics to build their ubers. HEADS UP: This map is still in the Alpha...
  19. ThatGreenSpyGuy

    koth_canyon b2

    A remake of my first ever map. Its a koth map with a non-lethal pit surrounding the point. The pit contains 2 ammo packs. The map itself is also in a larger pit, or canyon.
  20. myria

    Llwyd b6_recompile

    Simple and very angled KotH map, sorta Bavarian (I think is the term?) style buildings and such. Pronunciation according to Wiktionary: (North Wales): /ˈɬuːɨ̯d/ (South Wals): /ˈɬʊi̯d/