Medieval Aeon A15

Isolated. On an Island. Medieval MvM.

  1. UPGRADE!! #6

    A6 Changes

    Added new mission for testing: Decoy Int2 x
    Updated mission from prior upgrade #5: Coaltown x (ol' Coaltown, but with an x)

    They're Valve missions quickly edited to keep things interesting.

    • Shortened level by more than 1000HU.
    • Added sirens for when ocean level rises.
    • Deleted trigger_hurt for obj_building (it also deleted money too, so it had to go)
    • Added forward upgrade station.

    Medieval buildings tweaked slightly. Included:

    More metal cost per function.
    • They WILL NOT self-destruct anymore during setup when health is adjusted (scrapped completely).
    • [Fixed bug where tank would disappear upon being hit by a Ballista Arrowbomb. (was because of trigger_ignite touching the tank_boss)
    • Regenerates HP faster past threshold.
    • Ballista: Now mini-crits on direct hit. Can now damage tank. Explosion sound doesn't deafen the ears. Tweaked angle of arrow from -8 to -5
    • Dummy: No changes.
    • Grill: Buffs last 10 seconds (from 5).
    Added ye olde replacement for the Mini-sentry and Disposable sentry: The Bucket Crossbow! Shoots Mad Milk Darts, Heals Allies and Damages Enemies.

    • Map: Sirens will alert players when water rises.
    • Fixed bug where players were permanently locked in melee upon spawning.
    • Added "trigger_apply_impulse" around areas where players get out of the water. Now it's easier to get out of water!
    • CP1 now resets after completing a wave.
    • Clipped tarnished tank at the beach front.

    Added new relays
    relay_cp1_second_bomb - Brings out a second bomb upon BLU capturing CP1. "Enable" this so CP1 triggers it. Disables self upon use.
    relay_cp1_oceanlevel_raise - Same as above, except instead of a second bomb it raises the ocean level on capture.
    mvm_bomb_extra_t - Send a "ForceSpawn" to this to spawn another bomb. Includes Announcer warning players of another bomb.​

    New ClassIcons
    aeon_oceanlevel_raise - for raising the ocean level.
    aeon_oceanlevel_lower - for lowering the ocean level.
    aeon_bomb_extra - For those extra bombs.
    aeon_bomb_extra_cp - For CP1 extra bomb mechanic.​

    KNOWN buGs...
    - MiniSentry turns into a normal sentry upon leveling Building Health upgrade twice.
    - Buildings don't remap themselves after health upgrades, thus making them unusable unless rebuilt.
    - No icon for ocean level raising after capture.

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