Medieval Aeon A16

Isolated. On an Island. Medieval MvM.

  1. UPGRADE!! #16

    Major Changes for A16

    Layout Changes
    • The bomb site and the hallway to it have been moved vertically downward.
    • Most of the map (about 50%~) can be covered in water with the right conditions.
    • There's a tunnel, which only a tank can pass by destroying the barrier. When the barrier is destroyed, the inside area of the map can be flooded from the outside water.
    • Capturing CP2 can repair this barrier and clear the water inside, but not outside.
  2. UPGRADE!! #15

    Major Changes for A15
    • Removed rock formation up front.
    • Extended bomb alert zone to bomb hatch.
    • Fixed func_brush doors sending being sent wrong input.
    • Further improved performance by removing buff-application loop system for BLU.
    • Made tanksaw's sawblade non-solid.
    • Made Ballista bombs quieter.
    • Fixed bug where cp1_ironman_relay wasn't being triggered when enabled.
    • Fixed bug where some CP1 triggers were set to fire only once.
    • Remove slower movement...
  3. UPGRADE!! #14

    Good news everybody! (again!)
    • There was a crash in the previous version. However, good news is I suspect it had to do with how drowning is handled--Perhaps if a trigger is triggered while there is a delay in that same trigger, it will break something. So I've sent a CancelPending to this trigger that is run so often.
    • Hopefully, this will be the last stability upgrade.

    Major Changes of A14
    • Fixed Canteen Specialist from being Engie-exclusive (now...
  4. UPGRADE!! #13

    For some reason Canteen Specialist was gone. Brought it back.
    Fixed hand scale biggening upon leaving upgrade stations.
    Moved slower movement speed trigger higher to water surface (to make it more of a hazard)
    Fixed nav pointing to incorrect trigger.
    Fixed crash with dispenser logic looping to incorrect place.
    Tanksaw now uses Sawblade attribute on trigger_hurt.

    Engineer Buildings
    Removed Minicrits on direct hit. (Too strong)

    Winterbridge Int: Now uses...
  5. UPGRADE!! #12

    Good news everybody!
    • All major lag fixed.
    • Fixed (hopefully) all prior crashes.
    • Engineer buildings should work as intended.
    Major Changes for A12
    • Environment light has been reduced.
    • Fixed thirdperson mode stutter upon spectating after dying.
    • Fixed bug with cash collecting more HP/ammo than intended.
    • Fixed crash with naming logic crashing the server.
    • Added RED gatebot speak when BLU starts capturing.
    • Added the Tank Saw. Place on path...

    Due to the high volume of logic in this map, LAG WILL OCCUR! To mitigate this...
    • Removed big func_nav_prerequisite on beach telling robots to go to CP1 (now just uses one block trigger at BLU spawn)
    • Fixed bug with a filter that tracking RED or obj_* (not RED and obj_*).
    • Switched to condition-reapplication loop-system my other map uses. (Berserker)
    • Reduced number of entities each Engineer building uses.
    • Enhanced areaportals and hint/skip to improve performance in...
  7. whoops I forgot the map

  8. UPGRADE!! #10

    Undocumented changes from A9
    • Changed fake water to add 0.05 second swimming upon leaving the swimming trigger. (hopefully this reduces stuttering when floating on the surface of water)
    • Engineer buildings should always be able to be built now. NO future guns!

    Major Changes in A10
    • Fixed bug where grabbing money spoils didn't add health and ammo after dying once.
    • Added tutorial text to tell players that money recovers HP and ammo.
    • Fixed bug where...
  9. UPGRADE!! #9

    Forward Upgrade Station
    • Fixed disappearing models
    • Station now touches the ground instead of floating.
    • Moved it forward slightly.
    • Added lights and rotating sign.
    Other Major Changes
    • Possibly made swimming smoother.
    • Added back Canteens.
    • Added attribute canteen specialist to all players on respawn.
    • Added attribute no upgrade rate for engineers (to prevent crashes).
    • Deleted some apply impulse triggers at beach area.
    • Updated the geometry on the...
  10. UPGRADE!! #8

    • Updated weapon stripping system to reduce strain on server. Hopefully this was the source of the crash.
    • Added Sapper to weapon blacklist.
    • Added Scout Pistol to weapon blacklist.
    • Updated geometry on beach area due to feedback.
    • Glass is no longer slippery.
    • Players shouldn't take fall damage from CP1 to tunnel area (as long as they don't jump).
    • Fixed bug with Ironman relay. When RED captures CP1, now opens doors and enables navs.
    • Capturing CP1 as RED makes all...