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Sep 3, 2018
Aeon - Isolated. On an Island. Medieval MvM.

"You're on a secret island base that has the potential to deactivate all the robots that Grey Mann has created. However, Grey Mann found it... And you're caught with your pants down because you don't have any firearms to defend yourselves with. Grab your ol' bottle of scrumpy, your bow and arrows, and defend the base!


This map combines both Medieval Mode and MvM, and a lot of map doodads to make for something unique to the MvM scene.

It also features:
  • 1 mission (Medieval Morgue Intermediate)
  • Two paths to the hatch (lava pool vs beach cave)
  • Custom Upgrades
  • Custom icons for Robots
  • Dispensers that players can claim (and upgrade at the shop!) to help their team mates recover.
  • Usable Spells (canteens disabled completely)
  • Capture points players only can cap for special time-limited powerups.
Most of all, have fun!


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Sep 3, 2018
Version A2


- Unpacked the .pop files for those that wanna take a peek.
- Changed the CP3 crits buff -> stun bots on capture (bots must be near to unlock the CP)
- Replaced Defense Buff CP (which was useless) -> 100% crits buff
- Regen CP unchanged

Mission (Medieval Morgue Intermediate):
- Wave 2: Changed some scouts to Jarate Masters
- Wave 4: Fixed bug where defeating Heal-on-kill Giant completes the wave.
- Wave 4: Changed Heal-on-kill Heavyweight Champ to Armored Heavyweight Champ
- Wave 4: Reduced numbers of xBow Medics and Heavyweight Champs
- Wave 6: Killing the main boss will complete the mission.

To Do:
- When the wave begins, auto-spawn unclaimed dispensers
- Think of something else for CP2 and CP1 power ups.
- Fix bug where CP3 looks like it's unlocked (but really it's locked)

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Aug 25, 2018
I would like to point a few things about the map that could be fixed:
  • Robots come from only one area, and the pretty wide beach in mostly unused
  • Soundscapes seem to be too loud at times
  • Players can enter robot spawn
  • Some buffs on points seem to powerful
Overall, the mission difficulty must be increased drastically if you want to keep the powerups and other gimmicks on the map
Think how much would the given money affect players, so that the mission would still continue to be challenging in later waves
Adjust tank health to the total track length, melee weapons are not that bad as it might seem.
Try to keep at least two different wavespawns active at a time

I like the aesthetics of the map even if its in the early stage, also the idea of the final boss, it made me laugh the first time i saw it.

At this moment i simply couldnt check the usefulness of some map features since there was no real need to use them


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Sep 3, 2018
Version A3

- Added env_global for carrier event (so it plays only once)
- Added mothership ambiance
- Added new flank routes for popfile writers
- Reduced bloom on beach. (or not? I don't know how to do this probably)
- Hopefully fixed upgrade station UI stutter bug.
- CP @ Beach Cave now grants max speed boost for 20 seconds (was crits for 20 seconds)
- CP @ Lava Pool now grants full heal + Uber Heal buffs for 5 seconds (was trigger_hurt healing for 20 seconds)
- Added func_respawnroomvisualizer outside robot spawn so RED team can't walk into the water.
- Made spells that spawn on round start have chance to roll regular spell or rare spell
- Fixed bug where tank dispenser didn't parent to tank (done by adding a filter for all non-bots)

Mission (Medieval Morgue Int)
- Made the mission overall harder, haha.
- Most enemies spawn in different places.
- Reduced money by a lot.
- Increased count of enemies by a big margin.
- Changed Armored Heavyweight Champ to Boss Ubercharged Heavy

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Sep 3, 2018
Version A4 Update

Map Balance:
- Only Engineers can erect dispensers now. Dispenser range upgrade is now innate to Engineers.
- Fixed broken displacement
- Fixed floating props
- Removed static water from beach (b/c players take less damage with addcond 125)
- New tag for bots: "onfire" - robot is ignited with 0 dmg / inf duration afterburn
- New tag for bots: "lowergravity" - robot gains balloon head + lower gravity
- New tag for bots: "swimming" - robot can swim in the air!!!!
- Sewed some displacements (Thanks Dr. Sir Knight)
- Found missing textures (Thanks again Dr. Sir Knight!)
- Fixed bad nav_avoid pathing (Thanks again again Dr. Sir Knight!!)
- Fixed CPs not showing up as locked during wave setup.
- Added new robot icons (soldier_buff_samurai, soldier_conch_samurai, scout_cleaver_flame, probably some others)

Custom Upgrades:
- Removed Upgrade: "+1000% Dispenser range" (Now innate to Engineers)
- Removed Upgrade: "+1 Capture Rate" (needed room)
- Removed Upgrade: "+25% Health from All Sources" (complicates things)
- New Upgrade: "+25% damage when health is below 50%" (1 tier / 600 credits)
- New Upgrade: "+12 HP Regen per second" (2 tiers, 600 credits)
- New Upgrade: "Stun players you land on" (1 tier / 100 credits)
- Adjustment: "Minicrits vs burning" (price $200 -> $150)
- Adjustment: "Attacks pierce damage resistance" (price $200 -> $300)
- Adjustment: "+% Damage Resistance" (changed to +20% (up to 60%) for $300 (was +15% up to 45% for $150))
- Adjustment: "On Hit: Add Health" (changed to +5 (up to 25) for $100 (was +10 (up to +20) for $150))
- Adjustment: "On Kill: Gain % Max Health" (changed to +10% (up to +40%) for $200 (was +20% for $200))
- Adjustment: "+10% Max speed increased" (price $150 -> $200)

-Fix this one bad displacement sew in the back beach.

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Sep 3, 2018
Version a5 released!
  • Remade the map from the ground up.
  • Logic improved greatly due to better experience with Hammer.
Brief Overview of Changes:
  • Removed Custom Upgrades.
  • Removed custom mission Medieval Morgue due to incompatibility.
  • Removed tf_logic_medieval in favor of new weapon stripping system.
  • Added Engineer's PDA. He can build medieval buildings.
  • Added Sniper's Jarate.
  • Added Pyro's Thermal Thruster and Gas Passer.
  • Made ocean soundscape quieter.

Map Mechanic: Ocean Depth
  1. In this map, the ocean surface level is observed by the input by the popfile maker.
  2. Use relays to raise or lower the height of the ocean.
  3. Both are saved automatically after a wave ends (triggered by wave_finished_relay).
Relays for Ocean Depth:
relay_oceanlevel_raise - "Trigger" this one to raise the depth.
relay_oceanlevel_lower - "Trigger" this to lower the height.

Map Mechanic: Mining Bay Capture Point
  1. In this map, the ocean water gets trapped inside the mining bay if the ocean rises, and does not lower via popfile. Only capturing the CP or beating the wave will drain the water.
  2. The mining bay's trapped ocean water only raises mid-wave. It drains instantly the was finishes or is lost.
  3. If the water was raised the prior wave and RED lost the wave, the map will not raise the water height in the mining bay.

Engineer's Ye Olde Medieval Buildings
  • Engineer can build in Medieval Mode! This is only map-side.
Traits: Pros/Cons
Pro: Costs 100% less metal to place the building and has no setup time!
Con: Building starts at 1 HP and does not regenerate.
Pro: Has 200 HP!
Con: Does not level up.
Pro: Requires less metal to setup.
Con: Destruction does not produce ammo scraps.

Each building works technically the same. Here are some other details:
- Health is used as ammo. Must be >200 HP before the special function can be used.
- Automatically reloads (regenerates HP) if greater than 200 HP.
- When it's fully reloaded, it subtracts 12 HP and uses the special function.

Sentry is replaced with...
Wheelbarrow Ballista
- "A Huntsman, a wheelbarrow and a pipe bomb walk into an Engineer's workshop..."
Special function: Shoots an arrow bomb that detonates on contact, or detonates by itself mid-flight.
The bomb has an explosive AoE, dealing 100 damage and igniting (with fire) whoever is in blast radius.

Dispenser is replaced with...
Armored Target Dummy
- "An armored target dummy, for distraction and barricading areas. Otherwise, does nothing."
Special Function: Ubers self (Cannot be damaged) for 2.5 seconds.
Other Function: Has a Wrangler shield, which heals 67% damage taken after attack (effectively 33% damage taken).

Teleporters are replaced with...
Grill Brazier
- "Generates a small health pack that heals allies in radius. And light arrows!"
Special Functions: Upgrades heal amount from the health pack from 20% up to 100%. Touching the HP pack heals allies in radius (and overheals a little)
Other Functions:
- Can always light Huntsman arrows
- Being in radius recharges rechargeable items like Bonk, Sandvich, Invis Watch, Targe... faster for 5 seconds.
- Also gives a speed boost and jump boost for 5 seconds.

KNOWN BUGS and unintended things in the map...
  • Nav is broken, robots get stuck in corner and go through the tank door after capturing.
  • Can use Lugermorph.
  • "Teleporter" self-destructs by repairing during pre-wave setup.
  • Capture point permanently locked after BLU captures.
  • Moai disappear at certain angles due to setmodelscale being weird.
  • "Sentry" is TOO LOUD!!
  • Tank disappears upon being shot by a "Sentry projectile"
  • Probably a lot of other things.
I'm actually only releasing this for the sake of preservation. The bugs / unintended things do sort of break the map completely...

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Sep 3, 2018
A6 Changes

Added new mission for testing: Decoy Int2 x
Updated mission from prior upgrade #5: Coaltown x (ol' Coaltown, but with an x)

They're Valve missions quickly edited to keep things interesting.

  • Shortened level by more than 1000HU.
  • Added sirens for when ocean level rises.
  • Deleted trigger_hurt for obj_building (it also deleted money too, so it had to go)
  • Added forward upgrade station.

Medieval buildings tweaked slightly. Included:

More metal cost per function.
  • They WILL NOT self-destruct anymore during setup when health is adjusted (scrapped completely).
  • [Fixed bug where tank would disappear upon being hit by a Ballista Arrowbomb. (was because of trigger_ignite touching the tank_boss)
  • Regenerates HP faster past threshold.
  • Ballista: Now mini-crits on direct hit. Can now damage tank. Explosion sound doesn't deafen the ears. Tweaked angle of arrow from -8 to -5
  • Dummy: No changes.
  • Grill: Buffs last 10 seconds (from 5).
Added ye olde replacement for the Mini-sentry and Disposable sentry: The Bucket Crossbow! Shoots Mad Milk Darts, Heals Allies and Damages Enemies.

  • Map: Sirens will alert players when water rises.
  • Fixed bug where players were permanently locked in melee upon spawning.
  • Added "trigger_apply_impulse" around areas where players get out of the water. Now it's easier to get out of water!
  • CP1 now resets after completing a wave.
  • Clipped tarnished tank at the beach front.

Added new relays
relay_cp1_second_bomb - Brings out a second bomb upon BLU capturing CP1. "Enable" this so CP1 triggers it. Disables self upon use.
relay_cp1_oceanlevel_raise - Same as above, except instead of a second bomb it raises the ocean level on capture.
mvm_bomb_extra_t - Send a "ForceSpawn" to this to spawn another bomb. Includes Announcer warning players of another bomb.​

New ClassIcons
aeon_oceanlevel_raise - for raising the ocean level.
aeon_oceanlevel_lower - for lowering the ocean level.
aeon_bomb_extra - For those extra bombs.
aeon_bomb_extra_cp - For CP1 extra bomb mechanic.​

KNOWN buGs...
- MiniSentry turns into a normal sentry upon leveling Building Health upgrade twice.
- Buildings don't remap themselves after health upgrades, thus making them unusable unless rebuilt.
- No icon for ocean level raising after capture.

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Sep 3, 2018
A6a changelog
Fixed getting stuck in door by beach.
Fixed missing icons in wavebar.
Possibly fixed crash due to area portal mislabeling.
Fixed a nodraw block.
Fixed bots trying to walk into a door without it being open.
Added gatebot behaviors and custom template popfile.
Added hologram arrows.
Added some fences.

Map Mechanic Changes
- The Bomb can only spawn when CP1 is captured.

nesman for expanded security fences

relay_cp1_ironman - "Enable" to add a timer each time the CP has been captured.
cp1_add_bomb_ironman_template - "ForceSpawn" to add a bomb with a timer upon BLU capturing CP1.
cp1_add_bomb_noreturn_template - "ForceSpawn" to add a bomb without a timer upon BLU capturing CP1.
cp1_oceanlevel_raise_template - "ForceSpawn" to raise the ocean level (up to 3 times max).



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Sep 3, 2018
about these bugs you said, is this version ready for playing?
You can play it, but I would say it's still rough around the edges. In my test on Potato's, I did find a few game breaking bugs.

To name a few bugs...
- One time the tank door didn't open during a wave, even after CP capture.
- Engineer buildings didn't change to the new ones after about 15 seconds into spawning into the map.
- Pyro gets stuck in ref pose by holding the Thermal Thruster out and touching the upgrade station.
- Forward upgrade station doesn't work until beating a wave once.
- Server crashes if human BLU caps CP1 before the round. (obscure but still a bug)
- Bomb isn't reset after beating wave.
- and a bunch of others.

Next version should fix all of these and others not mentioned.

There were also some issues about clarity in the wave bar and the new weapons like Jarate, Thermal Thruster, PDA, Gas Passer... And Scout can use his Pistol for some reason but Engineer can't? Dunno about that one.


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Sep 3, 2018
  • Fixed bad clipping on stalagmites.
  • Fixed bad clipping on security fences.
  • Fixed bomb not being reset after beating wave.
  • Fixed tank doors not opening.
  • Tank doors now stay open before a wave, and close when wave starts.
  • Tank doors now has alarms when closing.
  • Fixed bug where flag templates were deleted on wave end.
  • Squashed bug displaying wrong intel HUD.
  • Tag "bot_gatebot" adds attribute "cannot pick up intelligence", then removes it on capturing the point.
  • Fixed Pyro getting stuck in ref pose with the Thermal Thruster out and touching upgrade station. (force melee refuses to work, so he just switches weapons faster by default)
  • Fixed bug where forward upgrade station not working until beating a wave.
  • Fixed bug with forward upgrade station where players couldn't switch from melee after the shop closed.
  • Fixed water not having a bottom texture.
  • Updated Engineer's dummy and grill to fire the correct logic.
  • Changed tunnel significantly due to feedback.
  • Changed respawn room upgrade station to show players can use new weapons.

Map Mechanics Changes
  • Bomb: Bomb(s) will spawn at robot respawn area instead of on the first CP. It should instantly teleport to the next robot that spawns.
  • Bomb: One bomb is spawned by using relays "wave_start_relay_classic" or "wave_start_relay_ironman", which spawn a bomb without a return timer and one with a 60 second one, respectively. Can add more with a few relays mentioned below.
  • Ironman CP: It is possible to recapture the control point as RED. When RED caps, all bombs reset.
  • Ocean Level: Instead of only being able to raise or lower the ocean level by one during a wave, users can set the height (1-4) using one relay, or during a wave with several...

  • Place the "Quoted" part as part of entity's Action.
  • wave_init_relay_oceanlevel - Packs all heights into one relay. "FireUser1" for lowest wave level, "FireUser2" for level 1 height, "FireUser3" for level 2 height, "FireUser4" for level 3 highest water level.
  • relay_oceanlevel_raise - "Trigger" Still available, raises the ocean height by 1 during a wave.
  • relay_oceanlevel_lower - "Trigger" Also still available, lowers the ocean height by 1 during a wave.

Relays: CP1
  • cp1_oceanlevel_raise_template - "ForceSpawn" When BLU caps CP1, lowers ocean level. Use ForceSpawn up to three times to raise it three times. (Resets at wave end)
  • cp1_oceanlevel_lower_template - "ForceSpawn" When RED caps CP1, lowers ocean level. Use ForceSpawn up to three times to lower it three times. (Resets at wave end)
  • cp1_ironman_relay - "Trigger" After BLU caps, RED can cap again after 60 seconds. (Resets at wave end)
  • add_noreturn_bomb_relay - "Trigger" Adds an additional bomb with no return timer AFTER CP1 is captured.
  • add_ironman_bomb_relay - "Trigger" Adds a bomb with a 60s shot-clock return timer AFTER CP1 is captured.

  • Added new mission: Rottenburg. (That's it)
  • Removed mission: Decoy Int2 (it wasn't fun to test)
  • Updated Mission: Coaltown Int1
  • Fixed Giant Armored Scout having 110 HP.
  • Fixed Medics going for the flag.
  • Changed "spawnbot_random" to "spawnbot" (only for you, mac)
  • Added new icons for water levels 0, 1, 2, and 3.

  • aeon_oceanlevel_raise
  • aeon_oceanlevel_lower
  • aeon_oceanlevel_height_0
  • aeon_oceanlevel_height_1
  • aeon_oceanlevel_height_2
  • aeon_oceanlevel_height_3
  • aeon_bomb_extra
  • aeon_bomb_extra_cp

known issues
  • Scout can still use his pistols.
  • Water still looks weird.


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Sep 3, 2018
  • Updated weapon stripping system to reduce strain on server. Hopefully this was the source of the crash.
  • Added Sapper to weapon blacklist.
  • Added Scout Pistol to weapon blacklist.
  • Updated geometry on beach area due to feedback.
  • Glass is no longer slippery.
  • Players shouldn't take fall damage from CP1 to tunnel area (as long as they don't jump).
  • Fixed bug with Ironman relay. When RED captures CP1, now opens doors and enables navs.
  • Capturing CP1 as RED makes all bombs explode and forcereset.
  • Added missing soundscape in mid area.
  • Added "NEW" items in a glass box, and fixed Thermal Thruster not being there.

  • Fixed Rottenburg having bad syntax. Should work now.
  • Changed Coaltown mission to: Janitor Aisle 5 (It isn't Coaltown anymore!)

Known Issues
  • Target Dummy is actually immune to damage at full hp
  • Brazier Grill has a few bugs. Namely, putting down the building instantly grants meat buffs, it doesn't heal sometimes...
  • Gunslinger still busted.

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Sep 3, 2018
Forward Upgrade Station
  • Fixed disappearing models
  • Station now touches the ground instead of floating.
  • Moved it forward slightly.
  • Added lights and rotating sign.
Other Major Changes
  • Possibly made swimming smoother.
  • Added back Canteens.
  • Added attribute canteen specialist to all players on respawn.
  • Added attribute no upgrade rate for engineers (to prevent crashes).
  • Deleted some apply impulse triggers at beach area.
  • Updated the geometry on the beach.
  • Moved the bomb site away from spawn.

Engineer Buildings
  • Minis now can be hauled faster after firing.
  • Should be able to build minis as Gunslinger now flawlessly.
  • Fixed bug with Mini Bucket always firing and dying to self-damage.

  • Janitor mission: Fixed Axtinguisher Pyros using Shotguns!
  • Janitor mission: Fixed not spawning last batch of heavies.
  • Janitor mission: Increased tank HP by 7000.
  • Incorporated map mechanics into Rottenburg mission.

Known issues and will fix in the future
  • Buildings don't respec on buying HP upgrades.
  • Target Dummy is actually immune to damage at full hp.
  • Brazier Grill has a few bugs. Namely, putting down the building instantly grants meat buffs, it doesn't heal sometimes.
  • Gunslinger buildings can't be hauled!
  • Lack of larger platforms made for Giant Robots.

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Sep 3, 2018
Undocumented changes from A9
  • Changed fake water to add 0.05 second swimming upon leaving the swimming trigger. (hopefully this reduces stuttering when floating on the surface of water)
  • Engineer buildings should always be able to be built now. NO future guns!

Major Changes in A10
  • Fixed bug where grabbing money spoils didn't add health and ammo after dying once.
  • Added tutorial text to tell players that money recovers HP and ammo.
  • Fixed bug where effect bar recharge rate items were actually charging slower rather than faster.
  • Fixed placement and shadows of the Moai heads.
  • Optimized map with a hint/skip brush.
  • Added a dropdown zone for players to get to CP1 faster.
  • Added new sniper perch locations.
  • Changed bombsite hallway slope to incline more smoothly.
  • Retextured green glass to lined red glass (Credit: Crash)
  • Ocean water now slows down players and robots -20%.
  • Ocean water swimming height adjusted.
  • Solved CP1 beach doors killing the player who are standing under them. Instead, it checks to see if the player is still in the doorway, then closes it only if they aren't.
  • Added no build zone in the same doorway.
  • Added lights in places that really needed them.
  • Added soundscapes.
  • Rearranged RED respawn room.
  • Fixed bug where sirens go off when water level lowers.
  • Tank door retextured, moves slower and sounds like something now yay.
  • memes and debug_relay

Engineer Buildings
  • Ballista
    • Increased sound range of minicrit hit sound.
    • Reduced arrow speed from 2033 -> 1833

  • Grill
    • Removed stand from model.
    • Added team skins.
    • Updated logic.
    • Fixed bug where you could pickup then drop building to reactivate the meat buffs.
    • Added faster firing rate buff on meat pickup.

  • relay_oceanlevel_raise - "FireUser1" and "Trigger" raises ocean by 1 and sounds alarm. "FireUser2" raises by 2, "FireUser3" raises by 3. Fireuser4 does nothing.
  • relay_oceanlevel_lower - "FireUser1" and "Trigger" LOWERS ocean by 1 and sounds alarm. "FireUser2" lowers it by 2, "FireUser3" lowers it by 3. Fireuser4 does nothing.
  • upgradestation_forward_midwave_relay - "FireUser1" to enable, "FireUser2" to disable. Comes with messages.
  • cp1_relay - "FireUser1" Set CP1 to RED. "FireUser2" Set CP1 to BLU.
  • cp1_ironman_relay - "Enable" When CP1 is captured by BLU, RED can recapture. Upon RED cap, all bombs explode (dealing damage to BLU) and reset.
  • relay_once_cp1_oceanlevel_raise - "ForceSpawn" Can use up to 3 times. Upon BLU cap CP1, water rises by the amount of times used.
  • relay_once_cp1_oceanlevel_lower - "ForceSpawn" Can use up to 3 times. Upon RED cap CP1, water lowers by the amount of times used.


Known issues
  • No notice signs on what height each water level is.
  • Can't haul gunslingers still.
  • Grilled Meat doesn't heal sometimes.
  • Dispenser flashes invincibility each regeneration tick.

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Sep 3, 2018
Just so you all know, if you do host this server publicly it does lag like crazy because of how many I/O inputs occur. Startacker! reported about 80% CPU usage on the server, however it did not crash because of how laggy it was.

It did still crash, however.

If one player goes Engineer and destructs/rebuilds fast enough, the game can't keep up and the server crashes. I will implement measures to completely mitigate this. (though I thought I did, but it didn't work!) Otherwise, this map should be playable (albeit laggy).


In other news, layout changes will be made, bug fixes will happen, and entity I/O logic will be cut drastically to keep server performance optimal. This is quite exciting! Thank you for playing.


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Jul 20, 2014
for sake of clarity, what do those tags do?

bot_giant is probably your average stun aversion tag but the others sound like they have some funny business tied to them