Medieval Aeon A15

Isolated. On an Island. Medieval MvM.

  1. UPGRADE!! #5

    Version a5 released!
    • Remade the map from the ground up.
    • Logic improved greatly due to better experience with Hammer.
    Brief Overview of Changes:
    • Removed Custom Upgrades.
    • Removed custom mission Medieval Morgue due to incompatibility.
    • Removed tf_logic_medieval in favor of new weapon stripping system.
    • Added Engineer's PDA. He can build medieval buildings.
    • Added Sniper's Jarate.
    • Added Pyro's Thermal Thruster and Gas Passer.
    • Made ocean soundscape quieter.

    Map Mechanic: Ocean Depth
    1. In this map, the ocean surface level is observed by the input by the popfile maker.
    2. Use relays to raise or lower the height of the ocean.
    3. Both are saved automatically after a wave ends (triggered by wave_finished_relay).
    Relays for Ocean Depth:
    relay_oceanlevel_raise - "Trigger" this one to raise the depth.
    relay_oceanlevel_lower - "Trigger" this to lower the height.

    Map Mechanic: Mining Bay Capture Point
    1. In this map, the ocean water gets trapped inside the mining bay if the ocean rises, and does not lower via popfile. Only capturing the CP or beating the wave will drain the water.
    2. The mining bay's trapped ocean water only raises mid-wave. It drains instantly the was finishes or is lost.
    3. If the water was raised the prior wave and RED lost the wave, the map will not raise the water height in the mining bay.

    Engineer's Ye Olde Medieval Buildings
    • Engineer can build in Medieval Mode! This is only map-side.
    Traits: Pros/Cons
    Pro: Costs 100% less metal to place the building and has no setup time!
    Con: Building starts at 1 HP and does not regenerate.
    Pro: Has 200 HP!
    Con: Does not level up.
    Pro: Requires less metal to setup.
    Con: Destruction does not produce ammo scraps.

    Each building works technically the same. Here are some other details:
    - Health is used as ammo. Must be >200 HP before the special function can be used.
    - Automatically reloads (regenerates HP) if greater than 200 HP.
    - When it's fully reloaded, it subtracts 12 HP and uses the special function.

    Sentry is replaced with...
    Wheelbarrow Ballista
    - "A Huntsman, a wheelbarrow and a pipe bomb walk into an Engineer's workshop..."
    Special function: Shoots an arrow bomb that detonates on contact, or detonates by itself mid-flight.
    The bomb has an explosive AoE, dealing 100 damage and igniting (with fire) whoever is in blast radius.

    Dispenser is replaced with...
    Armored Target Dummy
    - "An armored target dummy, for distraction and barricading areas. Otherwise, does nothing."
    Special Function: Ubers self (Cannot be damaged) for 2.5 seconds.
    Other Function: Has a Wrangler shield, which heals 67% damage taken after attack (effectively 33% damage taken).

    Teleporters are replaced with...
    Grill Brazier
    - "Generates a small health pack that heals allies in radius. And light arrows!"
    Special Functions: Upgrades heal amount from the health pack from 20% up to 100%. Touching the HP pack heals allies in radius (and overheals a little)
    Other Functions:
    - Can always light Huntsman arrows
    - Being in radius recharges rechargeable items like Bonk, Sandvich, Invis Watch, Targe... faster for 5 seconds.
    - Also gives a speed boost and jump boost for 5 seconds.

    KNOWN BUGS and unintended things in the map...
    • Nav is broken, robots get stuck in corner and go through the tank door after capturing.
    • Can use Lugermorph.
    • "Teleporter" self-destructs by repairing during pre-wave setup.
    • Capture point permanently locked after BLU captures.
    • Moai disappear at certain angles due to setmodelscale being weird.
    • "Sentry" is TOO LOUD!!
    • Tank disappears upon being shot by a "Sentry projectile"
    • Probably a lot of other things.
    I'm actually only releasing this for the sake of preservation. The bugs / unintended things do sort of break the map completely...


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