Medieval Aeon A15

Isolated. On an Island. Medieval MvM.

  1. UPGRADE!! #3

    - Added env_global for carrier event (so it plays only once)
    - Added mothership ambiance
    - Added new flank routes for popfile writers
    - Reduced bloom on beach. (or not? I don't know how to do this probably)
    - Hopefully fixed upgrade station UI stutter bug.
    - CP @ Beach Cave now grants max speed boost for 20 seconds (was crits for 20 seconds)
    - CP @ Lava Pool now grants full heal + Uber Heal buffs for 5 seconds (was trigger_hurt healing for 20 seconds)
    - Added func_respawnroomvisualizer outside robot spawn so RED team can't walk into the water.
    - Made spells that spawn on round start have chance to roll regular spell or rare spell
    - Fixed bug where tank dispenser didn't parent to tank (done by adding a filter for all non-bots)

    Mission (Medieval Morgue Int)
    - Made the mission overall harder, haha.
    - Most enemies spawn in different places.
    - Reduced money by a lot.
    - Increased count of enemies by a big margin.
    - Changed Armored Heavyweight Champ to Boss Ubercharged Heavy
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