Medieval Aeon A15

Isolated. On an Island. Medieval MvM.

  1. UPGRADE!! #2

    - Unpacked the .pop files for those that wanna take a peek.
    - Changed the CP3 crits buff -> stun bots on capture (bots must be near to unlock the CP)
    - Replaced Defense Buff CP (which was useless) -> 100% crits buff
    - Regen CP unchanged

    Mission (Medieval Morgue Intermediate):
    - Wave 2: Changed some scouts to Jarate Masters
    - Wave 4: Fixed bug where defeating Heal-on-kill Giant completes the wave.
    - Wave 4: Changed Heal-on-kill Heavyweight Champ to Armored Heavyweight Champ
    - Wave 4: Reduced numbers of xBow Medics and Heavyweight Champs
    - Wave 6: Killing the main boss will complete the mission.

    To Do:
    - When the wave begins, auto-spawn unclaimed dispensers
    - Think of something else for CP2 and CP1 power ups.
    - Fix bug where CP3 looks like it's unlocked (but really it's locked)
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