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Jul 28, 2015
slipway - Push the payload through a busy harbour to blow open RED's vault!

My entry to the Payload Checklist Contest. A single-stage payload map set in a harbour. Contains a number of dynamic elements and hazards including:
- Moving shipping containers that enable new routes, potentially helping a well-timed push.
- A Hightower-style payload elevator finale, courtesy of Blade x64's prefab.

Thanks to:
ABS's Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack:
Blade x64's Payload Elevator Logic:
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Jul 28, 2015
Due to the final point requiring a significant rework, it has temporarily been removed, so this version of the map only has three capture points:


Setup time increased
Most deathpit water has been removed

Point A:
All deathpits have been removed, and water can be traversed by players
More metal added onto the cargo ship, making it easier for engineers to build there
Remade the area around the capture point
Improved lighting in interior areas
The one-way door should no longer get people stuck

Point B:
Remade the upper floor of the warehouse, since no defenders seemed to use it
Water is no longer deadly
Added extra route to the upper floor, accessible by RED

Point C:
Expanded the ship with a new route across it
Added hazard tape around the edges of the dock
Sticky bombs no longer stick to the moving container
Removed the grinder, replaced it with a route for BLU
Changed the speed and timing of the moving shipping crate, making it more useful for BLU to use as cover when pushing the cart

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Jul 28, 2015
Removed the deathpit at C, and added a way out of the water. Now none of the water in the map is deadly.
Raised the skybox at point C.
Changed the speed of the moving container to be slower near point C, providing more cover for Blu to use when attacking.
Fixed a broken door at A that did not open when Blu captured A.
Moved Blu's second spawn closer to B.
Added a new route from A to B, giving Blu more routes to attack.
Fixed a variety of z-fighting, clipping and solidity issues.
Started detailing point A.
Changed the map's lighting to be warmer.



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Jul 28, 2015

A new version of capture point D has been added! Escort the bomb cart through RED's warehouse, up a freight elevator to street level, and into RED's headquarters.






Fixed the one-way door at A allowing attackers to look in, instead of allowing defenders to look out.
Nobuild added to all water in the map.
Made a variety of clipping, vis and detailing fixes.
Changed the back route for attackers as point B.
Added an extra flanking route for defenders at point C.
Changed the lighting to make it less orange.
Continued detailing the map.

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Jul 28, 2015
General changes:
Stages A, B and C are now mostly detailed:




Fixed missing textures & clipping issues
Fixed spectator cameras not updating when points are capped

Added a new route out of the water
Added a resupply cabinet to the lower part of Blu's spawn
Yeti Park forklifts have been rebranded
Blocked a sightline from the warehouse to Blu spawn
Removed an unpopular decal

Redesigned the flank route behind the warehouse so it no longer lets Blu directly access the upper level

The moving container now passes through the level slightly less frequently
Clipped the stairs below cap point C
Redesigned Blu's one-way flank so Red can use it by climbing a few crates

Comments suggested that Red team was getting overwhelmed too easily, so the area has been redesigned to address this:
The red brick building is now closed off until the cart has ascended the elevator, which should stop Red being overwhelmed so early
A new protected route from Red's spawn to the upper level of the final building has been added
Modified the 'pit' area to give Red more defensive options/ sentry spots, and Blu better vision of the area
Blocked off one of Blu's routes to the final cap point

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