slipway a4b

Push the payload through a busy harbour to destroy RED's tanker

  1. imperialist
    My entry to the Payload Checklist Contest. A single-stage payload map set in a harbour. Contains a number of dynamic elements and hazards including:
    - Moving shipping containers that enable new routes, potentially helping a well-timed push.
    - A Hightower-style payload elevator finale, courtesy of Blade x64's prefab.
    - A grinder, for grinding careless players.

    Thanks to:
    ABS's Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack:
    Blade x64's Payload Elevator Logic:

    slip1.jpg slip2.jpg slip3.jpg slip4.jpg slip5.jpg slip6.jpg slip7.jpg slip8.jpg slip9.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. General changes, Checkpoint 4 removed
  2. Skybox fix