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slipway b2

Push the payload off a tanker, through a busy harbour and break into RED's vault!

  1. imperialist
    My entry to the Payload Checklist Contest. A single-stage payload map set in a harbour. Contains a number of dynamic elements and hazards including:
    - Moving shipping containers that enable new routes, potentially helping a well-timed push.
    - A Hightower-style payload elevator finale, courtesy of Blade x64's prefab.

    Thanks to:
    ABS's Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack:
    Blade x64's Payload Elevator Logic:

    slip35.jpg slip36.jpg slip37.jpg slip38.jpg slip39.jpg slip40.jpg slip41.jpg slip42.jpg slip43.jpg slip44.jpg slip45.jpg slip46.jpg slip47.jpg slip48.jpg slip49.jpg slip50.jpg slip51.jpg slip52.jpg