slipway b2

Push the payload off a tanker, through a busy harbour and break into RED's vault!

  1. fixes, changes to last & detailing

    General changes:
    Stages A, B and C are now mostly detailed:



    Fixed missing textures & clipping issues
    Fixed spectator cameras not updating when points are capped

    Added a new route out of the water
    Added a resupply cabinet to the lower part of Blu's spawn
    Yeti Park forklifts have been rebranded
    Blocked a sightline from the warehouse to Blu spawn
    Removed an unpopular decal

    Redesigned the flank route behind the warehouse so it no longer lets Blu directly access the upper level

    The moving container now passes through the level slightly less frequently
    Clipped the stairs below cap point C
    Redesigned Blu's one-way flank so Red can use it by climbing a few crates

    Comments suggested that Red team was getting overwhelmed too easily, so the area has been redesigned to address this:
    The red brick building is now closed off until the cart has ascended the elevator, which should stop Red being overwhelmed so early
    A new protected route from Red's spawn to the upper level of the final building has been added
    Modified the 'pit' area to give Red more defensive options/ sentry spots, and Blu better vision of the area
    Blocked off one of Blu's routes to the final cap point
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