slipway b2

Push the payload off a tanker, through a busy harbour and break into RED's vault!

  1. General changes, Checkpoint 4 removed

    Due to the final point requiring a significant rework, it has temporarily been removed, so this version of the map only has three capture points:


    Setup time increased
    Most deathpit water has been removed

    Point A:
    All deathpits have been removed, and water can be traversed by players
    More metal added onto the cargo ship, making it easier for engineers to build there
    Remade the area around the capture point
    Improved lighting in interior areas
    The one-way door should no longer get people stuck

    Point B:
    Remade the upper floor of the warehouse, since no defenders seemed to use it
    Water is no longer deadly
    Added extra route to the upper floor, accessible by RED

    Point C:
    Expanded the ship with a new route across it
    Added hazard tape around the edges of the dock
    Sticky bombs no longer stick to the moving container
    Removed the grinder, replaced it with a one-way route for BLU
    Changed the speed and timing of the moving shipping crate, making it more useful for BLU to use as cover when pushing the cart
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