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    I noticed that in the VDC it doesn't cover adding time to the timer. What i was curious about is the inclusion of the number '3' with each addition of time. I.E. '3 300', '3 240' inthe decompiled maps which i am using for reference.

    What's the 3 for?

    At first i thought it was because there were 3 additions to the timer (One for each cp (the last one, 4th, obviously doesn't add time)). But then it's the same in Goldrush.
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    i believe it has something to do with the team, there is 1,2,3 i believe, so neutral/red/blue?
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    There are two inputs, AddTime and AddTeamTime, I'm guessing the latter is the one you're seeing used, and the 3 is the team number responsible for the time addition. I'm not sure if it actually has bearing on anything, or if it's just for use in statistics or something.
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    There is 0 neutral, 2 red and 3 blue. (why there is no 1 i dont know)

    And yes, the addteamtime is used. This variation of addtime makes sure the sounds for the time adding are team based. if you use the normal addtime you allways get something in the way of 'time has been added'. addteamtime gives stuff like: 'you have been awarded additional time' and 'the enemy has recieved additional time'.

    Round time on VDC
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