Lacking confidence

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Sauce Copter Enthusiast
Jul 10, 2017
I always feel that a map must be better than my last version of my map or it's a failure. But when I get around to it and fully update they map making a new version I come at a dielemma thinking that's it is garbage. I spend couple of hours or days thinking about it then I drop the map then repeat the process.

Does this happen to anybody else or am I just weird in some way? And does anybody know how to overcome this? It's the main reason most of my maps never make it past version 1. It's really becoming a burden on me.


L16: Grid Member
Jun 8, 2015
Yes, generally you want to make every version better but it needs time and practice and certainly isn't easy. No one gets things right on the first time. Sometimes you make wrong changes but that is how you learn too


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Aug 19, 2011
Confidence in map design is something I oft struggle with too, it sucks but it's something you need to get over, a hurtle. Everyone is typically skeptical of their own work, you just need more eyes on your map that aren't nessecarily yours. Once the compliments roll in, it really makes you motivated and helps your confidence towards the map.


Sep 23, 2011
It's okay to not have monotonically increasing "value". You will make mistakes that drag down the value. Don't be discouraged, because this happens to everyone in all fields. You can't always make something better than the last time. What you can do is learn that it didn't work and figure out why it didn't work so that you can avoid repeating the mistake.


Jun 23, 2010
Confidence comes with experience, but what's the point to test your map if you're completly confident with it right ?

The whole point of testing is to get a good result in the end, it doesn't mean you can't go backward or do something bad, at some point, the changes you will make are going to be worse than the last version, but if you don't test you can't know.