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  1. Tango

    Rowan _a1a

    Hark when the night is falling Hear! Hear the pipes are calling, Loudly and proudly calling, Down thro' the glen. There where the hills are sleeping, Now feel the blood a-leaping, High as the spirits of the old Highland men. Towering in gallant fame, Scotland my mountain hame, High may your...
  2. Tango

    New Years resolutions 2: episode 20

    ...time, (//insert username here)? Is it really that time again? It seems as if the year had only just arrived. You've done a great deal this year. You've done so much, in fact, that I've heard some interesting resolutions for next year. Ordinarily, I wouldn't pay attention to them. But these...
  3. Tango

    Textures producing errors and becoming transparent

    Hi all, So when I load up my map I get this error in the dev console: ::PrecacheVars: error loading vmt file for /gaybabyposter This error only occurs when you are looking at the texture. I have this set as my vmt: "LightmappedGeneric" { "$basetexture" "gaybabyposter" } So if you have an...
  4. Tango


    Shipment - That really bad map from COD4 Send help
  5. Tango

    Scatman _a1

    I really can not think of anything clever to say, but, Custom content: Rocket skin: MaccyF Custom Capture point hologram: DioJoestar
  6. Tango

    Tango's Thrift 'n' Value Store™ is now [OPEN]

    PUBLIC NOTICE: STORE CLOSING; ALL ITEMS IN STORE ARE NOW FREE Unfortunately due to alleged health and safety violations Tango's Thrift 'n' Value Store™ will be closing and all items on the store shelves are yours for the taking...
  7. Tango

    Razor's Edge _a5

    Razor's Edge is an alpine themed map named after the lyrics of a song. (That being Paul Engemann's "Push it to the limit.") Feel free to comment your thoughts!
  8. Tango

    If you could bring somebody back from history who would it be?

    Hey, Before replying: 1. Make sure person is actually dead. 2. Make sure the name of person is spelled correctly and includes when they were alive and nationality if possible. 3. Provide reason for choice of person or context why you chose this person. Serious and silly replies welcome!
  9. Tango

    How to Make Good Screenshots on Crappy Computers!

    Hey all, This is a technique I use and suggest for screenshots for people with underpowerd hardware that cant handle high Settings. . Ill be brief, its a single command that everybody should know: host_timescale If you set host_timescale lower than 1 your performance will increase drastically...
  10. Tango


    Displacements we all used them. I don't like them really, and try to avoid them at all costs, but since my maps are being to mature I need to incorporate them and be able to work with them. And now onto my question Is it okay for displacements to partly be intertwined with brush? like in the...
  11. Tango

    A better way to hallow out objects?

    Instead of using make hallow is there better way? Cause when you do hallow something, the brushes end up really funky and hard to work with. Yeah that's it
  12. Tango

    Besides TF2 what other game do you play?

    I’m an on and off person, play bursts of one game than another. Mostly since I can’t stick to one thing. Favourites include. Metal Gear Solid, Smash bros, Fallout, and Eve Online. How about yourself?
  13. Tango

    Sticking with your maps.

    I have never finished a map or even got it into a beta state. And just because I feel like any attempt at making an update will result in failure or just overall unwillingness to continue. I am usually the most stubborn person around but I just can't manage a map update. And its really sad since...
  14. Tango

    Black Ice _a8

    I made a very simple design. Copied from my first map ever. This is gonna be fun.
  15. Tango

    [OPEN] Trashcan's Dumpster fire of maps.

    I've made lots of map that never went anywhere, you are free to use them. Please feel free to use them. HOWEVER Please do the following: Comment on this thread which map your adopting (Please tell me the way you're crediting me) Credit for the map can be achieved through multiple ways. It...
  16. Tango

    MvM revive in Arena?

    Is there a way to enable MvM revive in arena mode? And if so do you think it would be a cool addition to arena? Please tell me your thoughts.
  17. Tango

    Lacking confidence

    I always feel that a map must be better than my last version of my map or it's a failure. But when I get around to it and fully update they map making a new version I come at a dielemma thinking that's it is garbage. I spend couple of hours or days thinking about it then I drop the map then...
  18. Tango

    I/O confusion.

    I'm trying to make events happen based on variables, (like # of players etc) but how would I make a event random? Like pick from 1 - 10 and (1 being A and two being B) so I could have random outputs? Im just wondering, if anybody knows that would be very helpful.
  19. Tango

    Diffrent languages

    Is it weird for people to have some games in one language and others in another? Much of my older games are in Canadian french and others (like TF2) are in English, Do other people face this issue or make their games only in one languages? I'm just wondering.
  20. Tango

    canel _a3(RV1)

    -> Spin-off from the koth_checkpoint design <- New King of the hill map by trashcan featuring a wider mid, less height advantage better water routes and (hopefully) better games!