it is bad take to much inspiration from other maps?

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Lupe #savetf2

L1: Registered
Jul 11, 2022
I am making a payload map(my favorite gamemode btw) i am being pretty happy with the result so far.
But without notice the map was like barnblitz in the first part, and badwater on the final part, is that a bad thing? Like, this can affect my future maps?


L4: Comfortable Member
Apr 17, 2017
"Inspiration" and "Copying" are things you'll just have to discern. If you're copying and pasting assets, that's a lot different than being inspired by the layout or theme of another map. It's good to take inspiration from other maps, as it can lead to you learning what makes a map good and learning how to apply that to your own map. Just remember to get creative! Try new things, and feel free to throw stuff together just to see how it works. As corny as it sounds, the only limit to your map is your imagination (and time and effort of course).


Sep 5, 2014
Short answer: no

Long answer: All of us take plenty of inspiration from things we like, mapping or otherwise. Over time, you'll develop your own "style" and workflow which will make your work look, feel, and be more unique to you. So don't worry about it, and just go make stuff you think is cool.