CP Installation 04c Ω1

(Also by M3) A map that BLU wants to activate.

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    Installation 04c - (Also by M3) A map that BLU wants to activate.

    In an attempt to eliminate RED, BLU is activating Installation 04c, the replacement for Installation 04 and Installation 04b, by capturing the control points. As the control points are captured, doors unlock to better expose other control points, such as the final control point in the control room that activates Installation 04c and causes BLU to win.
    M3 is also an author of this map.
    This map can be installed normally. (If Steam is installed in the default location, this map...
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    Christ is this based on the Control Room from Halo?
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    The heck is that capture point layout? Why not just have the four capture points laid out horizontally?
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    You should propably stop using HL2 props and textures in your TF2 maps.
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    I've looked at most of your maps so far and I'm genuinely not sure if you are making maps for Team Fortress. Every game has specific map designs that work well for the mechanics of the game, and your maps seem unlike anything in TF2 currently. If you are interested in making maps that will be enjoyable in TF2, I think you'll have to make major tweaks in Scale, Lighting, Textures and Development Style.

    Your maps tend to be quite large and open, which benefits snipers at the expense of everyone else. Proper scale helps with balance. The best advice I can give is to study Grazr's guide: http://tf2maps.net/threads/guide-scale-and-your-map.12605/

    Lighting is important in TF2 because it shows who is red and who is blue. This should be obvious right away. Your maps should be brighter, even the shadows. Also, bright red or blue lights (see moor) shouldn't be able to shine on players, as this makes the teams practically indistinguishable.

    Use TF2 textures and props! The charecters look out of place against the gritty looking textures. The map should be a stage of sorts, and when seeing textures and props that don't fit in, people stop believing in the space and start instead thinking about the choices. In the texture browser, type "tf" into the second line and in the model browser write it in the blank at the top of the window. Only choose from thing that make it through that filter.

    Finally, you seem to be coming out with a new, seemingly finished map every week or so. I would encourage making the map with dev textures first and uploading as soon as logic works and ther's no leaks. This way we can study how the layout works when the map is played and provide feedback before you sink time and effort into detailing. You have a lot of creative ideas that can work, but will work best with this game with some fine tuning. That's what this site is for.
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