Penthouse A6

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Penthouse A6

The other CTF-CP hybrid nobody asked for!

Latest entry in my continuing saga of CTF improvement, cap the point in the center of this rooftop courtyard to open a shortcut to your enemy's intelligence.

Also, if anyone knows how to fix the cap point's HUD, I will love you forever. I love myself forever, sorry :)

BLU's Intel:

RED's Lobby:

Central Courtyard:

Level Overview:

BLU's Intel:
penthousea1 blueintel.jpg

RED's Lobby:

Central Courtyard:

Level Overview:

Last screenshot update 10/14/16

Yrr - Hud icon help and advice
Ym - Hud customization advice
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Capture The Flag
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Latest updates

  1. The "I'm not dead" Update

    It was tempting to wait a few days until it was exactly FIVE WHOLE MONTHS since A5c, but here it is anyway! Here's what's new for A6: -Safety doors put on laser tunnel, which will hopefully reduce accidental decapitations by at least 20%. -When...
  2. Iconic Update

    After two months in development, hopefully it's been worth the wait. Here's what's new: -HUD 2.0 is here, now showing how many intels each team has captured! Many thanks to Yrr for extensive help with making custom icons! -Mid now includes...
  3. Streamline-y Update

    Here's what's new: -Mid redesigned with simpler layout, glass walls, larger cap area, and slightly longer cap time -Respawns also redesigned with simpler layout, but no glass walls. At this point. -One-way exit out of intel now works as...

Latest reviews

Really like the concept and can't wait to see how it'll end up. However, I do feel like the map is a bit small, but maybe that's just me.
A really, really good idea. It makes CTF more interesting and really spices up the gameplay. However, the map is a little small, and some paths are a little unclear as to where they take you. Some great potential though, I can't wait to see where it goes :)