How to make a attack/defend map

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    So I want to make a 3 cp attack/defend map but I don't know where to start with setting up the gamerules and what the logic entity for it is. also I'm sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn't find a thread covering this
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    Would you happen to have the ABS Mapping Resource pack? It's easily the most useful thing a mapper can have. Here you'll find everything you need to begin mapping(I.E. Props, gamemode logic, etc.)
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    Once you've installed the gamelibrary, I suggest you work on the design, first. Learn from the mistakes of other maps (The spammable spawn of Mountain Lab, the terrible choke on Mercenary Park, the overly rewarding time on Dustbowl), and try and make the layout as good as possible. Once you've done that, copy in the 3CP game logic, and post it!

    I can't wait to see the map!

    Hint: Avoid making long corridors for the layout, as a good sniper will take advantage of ANY given sightline.
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    For future postings here, help / questions should go in the mapping help forum.

    Also you should check this video out.
    look at the logic inside the gamelibrary, see how the inputs and outputs work and then copy them.