attack and defend

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  1. Hweepo

    Emberrock a3

    my second map that I've gotten to publishing stage. my chief concerns are that it might be too open or poorly lit. Credit to: • Karsch for dark rock textures • Asd417 for recolored coalmines boulders • AsG_Alligator for TF2-ified HL2 rocks • MaccyF for mirrored mining rocks • Rexy for new rock...
  2. Hydro Eclipse

    Doremy A2

    A medium-sized attack/defend map. {Don't really have a theme, for now, maybe it'll get one if it gets further into development]
  3. Lars

    cp_hilltop a4

    A new map from me in a long time, I decided I wanted to try and make another one. This 3CP Attack Defend map takes place on a hill. The Blu team needs to push up this hill and cap the 3 control points to win. Hope you like it! -Lars
  4. Ismaciodismorphus

    Grain Entrapment a2

    Original map by Squeezit I am continuing porter i have already added more cover to the control points, changed/ added routes and added some details.
  5. Rhamkin

    TrainRhamkin a4

  6. *Turns into crocodile*

    Farala a3a

    Custom content: -
  7. Will Alfred

    adctf_Holtzmann A9

    A Map made for the ADCTF contest back in 2021. MrModez / Setup Track for Team Fortress 2 Classic TF2C Team | Team Fortress 2 Classic's Dev Textures
  8. *Turns into crocodile*

    gococo a2

    - adpass prefab: - Tree pines:
  9. Kunny

    Borderline a3b

    This is an Attack/Defend map that uses the name and red spawn design from my previous map (ctf_borderline). The map's point capping system functions similarly to Gravel Pit. Red has to defend four control points: A, B, C, and D. A, B, and C can be captured by blue in any order, but all three...
  10. Itspice

    itspice mc14 a1

    an alpine-ish attack defense map that follows through a storage depot onto an unoriginal last with a rocket on it apologies for how bad it is, i rushed initially because i fooled myself into thinking i would ever be able to complete a map on time.
  11. Zepavil

    cp_tumbledown a6

    Tumbledown is a map set in the forgotten husk of a town that was once being built in the badlands. Stuck in a state of mid-construction, battle for this once ambitious project and all the leftover land that has remained untouched.
  12. sunryze

    cp_booblol a2a

    This is my first A/D map so hopefully its not too underwhelming. I tried to balance spawn times with distance to control points however I will change it if it turns out to be unbalanced.
  13. P_4rio

    Pushed A2

    The map features: 3 points. good lighting and visibility. (at least to me) outdoors and indoors gameplay in the sunny gravel pits of the badlands.
  14. Dasprucegoose

    Dustplate a1

    The first stage of my first a/d map. Finally moved on from Koth
  15. Zepavil

    zepavil_mc12 a1

    My entry to the 12th microcontest, Hit the Limits! Featuring a tall building with three stories, open elevator shafts and opening passageways!
  16. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Boardwalk a3

    Blue team is itching to enjoy themselves on the boardwalk, but red is full of party poopers and want it all for themselves! Fight through the local seaside town towards the boardwalk and claim the rides and festivities for yourself! Just be careful not to get smacked by the roller coaster1...
  17. TH3 D34DL3$$

    Fallenrain a3

    RED decided to temporarily store their chemicals near docks of abandoned town, called "Fallenrain", and it's stainless steel factory. However, as it turns out, BLU knows about this and are planning to explode everything with self-accelerating bomb carts they brought with them. However...
  18. Hydro

    Go2Station A2

    Go2Station is a mid-size attack/defend map that takes place in a massive subway station under construction. Blu starts in a small hut near the entrance and must try to take as much of the map as possible, while Red must defend it.
  19. Alex.bsp

    Grove A1

    My first A/D map!
  20. Scary-Jello

    cp_dustward_park A7

    (Note: name is not final and is obviously terrible, but I suck at names quite frankly so for now this will, hopefully, do.) A single stage 3cp attack defend map, with points A and B being out in the open, and point C being in a more constrained yet sprawling indoor area. While there's...