High & Low - Detailing Mini-Contest 2018

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  1. DrSquishy

    aa DrSquishy Probably enjoys hydro too much

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    I can't seem to find any feedback for my entry within this list, although it could just be that I've somehow missed it though.
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    Sorry I somehow skipped over yours. There was a lot of text to deal with.

    Dr. Squishy:
    I really like the theme of this map, however certain parts of this map could definitely benefit from more props.
    Doesn't utilize the high/low theme very well. If you use the hydro theme for a detail map I think you should make sure your map looks as good or better than hydro which I don't think this does.
    Some of the geo in this map looks really good like in the skybox or in the areas underneath the ground, has a very clean atmosphere to it, skybox transition is good
    Looks really nice (despite the truck) and uses high/low well
    Skybox transitions could have been a little more seamless, but, overally, a really good entry. The stairs jutting out of the ceiling at the bottom of the spytech area are a little ugly, though.
    *This is my map.*
    The good: Hydro theme done well. I liked the multiple cliffs. My favourite part would be the little missile room. I've always liked the missile sections of maps.

    The not so good: The transition from map to skybox was not done very seamlessly unfortunately. This may just be my opinion but I didn't like how the wall texture on the spiral staircase was angled. It felt really disorientating when walking up and down them.
    -exterior area feels used
    -rocket building landings are empty
    -love silo/spiral stairs
    -stairs not clipped :(
    -love side detail areas
    -underground lacks lived in feel
    -cool hidden button
    Surface detailing was a bit sparse, though the underground parts were good.
    The bunker was really cool in its own right. I expected a presentation out of the doors. Instead I was lead down into a death pit which left a bad impression of me dying as the CEO of a bunker base just to nuke a country. Also the out of bounds road looked interesting to follow until the illusion was revealed (lighting/invisible wall).
    It's nice, but the skybox transition is a bit too distracting and the underground area is awkward at times.
    Good use of one of my favorite themes (Hydro), though points retracted for the obvious borders between the playable space and the skybox. Points gained for killing me when I jumped next to the underground rockets because that's usually what happens when jumping next to underground rockets.
    highandlow2018_DrSquishy: 3/5
    -Skybox seam would be invisible if it weren't for the noticeable lighting differences
    -Hidden silo stairway and button-activated trapdoor is very cool!
    -Steps are big for TF2's world, except for the first and last steps, which are noticeably smaller than the rest
    -Silo walls have noticeable lighting seams
    -The stairs look very odd protruding into the lower hallway
    -The "models/props_2fort/groundlight001.mdl" props are noticeably sunken into the ceiling; the ceiling oddly protrudes through the light
    -The wood textures on the curved table in the hidden trapdoor room would look better if properly rotated to match the curve of the table
    -The final trapdoor looks odd

    Da Spud Lord
    (still getting that GIANT skybox truck but I'll just ignore it lol) Was fun to explore, I liked all the windows underground looking into different things, made the map feel bigger. A big button to press is always fun too. I like the cliffs in the skybox but the skybox building is kinda bland. pretty low down
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