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  1. MC_Labs15

    Unofficial Contest: MCL's Sizzlin' Spookfest [UPLOADS]

    Original Contest Thread Now that we're approaching the (extended) contest deadline of September 15th (midnight GMT), I am opening up submissions here. Submitting Please post a link in this thread in the following format: Map Name: Gamemode: Link: Custom Mechanic(s): Contributors: Extra Info...
  2. Mess About

    koth_spookery a9

    my entry to MCL's Sizzlin' Spookfest 2022 Name: koth_spookery Theme: Halloween, maritime Custom content: sky_night_02, sunshine arches (lot of them) Feature: friendly ghost that heals your team and scare off the enemy less spicy pumpkin bombs (compared with Valve version) well as a deathpit...
  3. Katsu! :3

    Theme Throwdown! - Unofficial Detail Contest

    Ladies, Gentlemen, and everyone inbetween, I would like to proudly present to you... THEME THROWDOWN Basically? You have three themes to choose from, per contest. Whichever theme you choose will be how you detail your map for said contest. Rules/Information | Upload Thread | Voting | Results...
  4. Mikroscopic

    Dusk Till Dawn 2019 entries 2022-08-14

    Two maps I entered to the 2019 Dusk Till Dawn contest that I forgot to upload here. One is set in the canals of Venice, the other is a witch's hut in the swamp.
  5. MC_Labs15

    Unofficial Contest: MCL's Sizzlin' Spookfest (with $500 in prizes)!

    UPLOAD THREAD What's the scariest thing you can think of? Ghosts? Spiders? The relentless march of time? How about the fact that average global temperatures continue to rise year after year at an alarming rate? Someone should probably do something about that. What was I talking about? Ah, yes...
  6. DrDapper

    Cp_10daytokyocity A4B2-2

    For the 10day contest
  7. MegapiemanPHD

    Frigid a4

    CTF map for Grizzly Berry's 10 day map challenge. Very inspired by Landfall.
  8. squeezit

    Red Bounty (Attack/Defense) RC1

    Converted and updated Red Bounty (previously called Kinder, but changed due to too many funny and original comments) to single stage Attack/Defend mode. Based on reception from servers since I released the PL version for the contest, I think this layout is better suited for this mode. I feel...
  9. Sonoma

    Unofficial Minor Contest: Upload Thread

    The Minor Contest ends November 22nd 2021 11.59 PM (23:59) UTC You must post in this thread for your submission to the Minor Contest to count. Please include: Map name Map thread List of all contributors An image (optional) The latest uploaded version of your map will be used as the contest...
  10. JackHunderwald

    The Palm Plaza Course Mapping Contest

    THE PALM PLAZA COURSE MAPPING CONTEST Poster by Dr Hund. Any Moderators thinking that something's wrong with this thread? Just tell me. HELLO EVERYONE! My name is Dr Hund, a mapper just like you (normally) who has been working on a project since December 2020. This map is...
  11. Punn Ames Ardum

    Tomato Can (Microcontest) a1

    This is for the microcontest - mode shifter and a rework of a Special Delivery map I've had in the works. I've used this prefab for the player destruction rules and such; I hope you like it!
  12. r0nii

    pl_crossedwire a1

    microcontest 14.02.2021 it took 10-20 minutes to plan it, 4 hours to make it, 3 hours to fix everything and another 2,5 hours to test it once again to fix few bugs that ruined the experience.
  13. KayEf

    Need quick help with koth logic

    Is there any way to increase how fast the timer goes if multiple points in a koth map have been captured? I wanna see if I can make a map with this concept for the rule of threes contest.
  14. Startacker!

    Minor Contest #2: Guardian Dynamica

    Banner by Startacker I'm gonna be real with you, this is going to be one of the most experimental and complex contests we've ever run. Still being real with you, I'm going to love every moment of it. You have a little over a month and a half to make and submit a (preferably early beta) map...
  15. Zhiris

    TF2Maps Contest question - Starting up a Contest

    I don't know if this is the right place to ask this and pardon me if it isn't in the right spot. I love this website and it's contest and how it motivates the community and the game itself to thrive! The events from this summer was really fun to look into and see what some people can make in...
  16. zythe_

    zythe mc7 a3

  17. zythe_

    arena_zythe_mc4 a1

    I underestimated the time i had to make this map, so its really small. kinda disappointed in myself but eh, lets see how this plays.
  18. 14bit

    The Microcontest Megathread 2020

    Welcome to the realm of Microcontests! For every month in 2020* I'll be running a Microcontest to see how far we can push speedmapping for TF2. Be warned! These things aren't for the faint of heart. You'll be expected to be able to make an entirely functional map in only a few short hours. The...
  19. zythe_

    zythe piuc a2

    [ABANDONED] i gave up lol A Hold the flag map made for the "Pick it up contest"!
  20. 14bit

    Microcontest #3: Pick It Up, But Faster!

    Welcome to Microcontest 3: Pick It Up, but Faster! Your mission—if you choose to accept it—is to make a map that qualifies for the next main Contest, Pick It Up, but in 3 hours instead of 30 days. Here's a link to the main Contest thread for the full rules...