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  1. Dasprucegoose

    hotandcold Dasprucegoose DO NOT NOCLIP

    Cold, then hot DO NOT NOCLIP THROUGH THE MAP, WALK THROUGH NORMALLY!!! (There are scripted sequences that will break) Custom content packs: KrazyZark's icicles KrazyZark's snow covered props KrazyZark's blue manor assets Diva Dan's ice pack Diva Dan's Bonesaw assets Diva Dan's Graveyard...
  2. XEnderFaceX

    HotAndCold_XEnderFaceX 2023-07-30

    You're inside a Mann Co Factory, while its too Cold to go Outside Theme: Cold NOTE: For some reason the Game lags when you look to the Outside
  3. Seacat08

    Hot and cold Seacat08 (Cabin fever) Final2a

    Cabin Fever My entry for Hot and cold ----------------------------------------- Briefing You find yourself stranded in the woods during a nasty snowstorm. You feel cold and hungry. With what seems like trees for miles you stumble around looking for civilization of some kind. You lose track of...
  4. Seacat08

    MC25 entry "Mall 2" A1

    My entry for Micro Contest 25 I did these prompts: Pick it up faster Soaked Spiritual successor mode shifter Lockout And 2 wishes And for the 2 wishes I chose these prompts submitted by Paper Shadow for Alecsa Custom textures by Zeus
  5. 14bit

    Microcontest #25: Now do it Again!

    Name: Now, Do It Again! Difficulty: 1/5 Time Limit: 24 Hours Prompt: For the final microcontest*, your task is to do any previous microcontest, but AGAIN! There's one major catch though: you have to do two of them at once! That's right, two different rule sets simultaneously! Now's your chance...
  6. Another Bad Pun

    Unofficial Contest: Territorial Domination! [RESULTS]

    Main Thread | Upload Thread | Results It is always cliché to mention, but trust me when I say: the overall quality of maps in this contest astonished me. I never imagined how close the running of these maps would turn out to be, and how good so many of them would be. I am in awe of the thin...
  7. SwaggyZeal

    Fried Egg a3a

    A tcdom map with 3 points for a contest.
  8. 14bit

    Minor Contest #4: TFConnect [Results]

    Main Thread | Upload Thread | Results First Place: Cutter by @puxorb 21.7 points Second Place: Humburg by @Eve, @Non_the_Ninja, and @Princess Birchly 20.9 points The Rest of the Top 10: Place Map Score Creator 3rd Townehouse 19.5 @Aulli 3rd Treet 19.5 @MegapiemanPHD 5th...
  9. MacRipley

    koth_2connect a2

    KOTH map made for the TFConnect contest. I only got to start it on December 2nd due to a family emergency, but I still wanted to try making something. Its probably lacking in the originality department, though i did what i could in such a small crunch of time. Not too experienced with mirrored...
  10. 14bit

    Minor Contest #4: TFConnect [Upload Thread]

    Main Thread | Upload Thread | Results End date: December 7th, 2022, 2:00pm EST (19:00 UTC) Submission Procedure: Create a download for your map in the downloads section of the site Post a link to your map's thread in this thread before the deadline You will have up until the gameday begins...
  11. Thetriztheexistentialneko

    pl_xmas_party_crash B1 (final version for contest)

    Blu had Resevered a place for there chirstmas party, red decided they wanted it and kicked them out. after starting there now sad christmas party at the other side of they base the decided to strap there tree to a cart and push it all the way back to reds party this is one of my most normaly...
  12. 14bit

    Minor Contest #4: TFConnect

    Main Thread | Upload Thread | Results Merry Smissmas! Get ready to map, since this holiday season we're teaming up with TFConnect for a quick three-week Minor Contest before the year is out. There's prizes! There's guest judging! It's for charity! And as a bonus, the maps will be shown off on...
  13. Another Bad Pun

    Unofficial Contest: Territorial Domination! ($600+ in prizes)

    There comes a time in a TF2 mapper’s life where one asks themselves a profound personal question: why haven’t I made a Territorial Control map yet? Well, now's your incentive to live out this dream (or nightmare)! INTRODUCING... Main Thread | Upload Thread | Results...
  14. Katsu! :3

    Theme Throwdown #1 - Voting Thread

    Rules/Information | Upload Thread | Voting | Results Congratulations to both @Alex.bsp and @everyone back to the base for making it to here! You should be proud of yourselves. Now comes the community vote! (Aka the easy part that's hard to come to terms with) All you have to do is click...
  15. Stack Man

    Time Attack! - Unofficial Layout Contest

    Custom Game Mode? ✓ "Bite-Sized" Arenas? ✓ Unofficial? ✓ Yep, It's Mappin' Time RULES/INFO - SUBMISSION - PREFAB You are tasked with creating one or more "arena"s for "Time Attack", a custom game mode developed for the 23rd Microcontest "Timer Attack". In "Time Attack" both teams fight over a...
  16. MC_Labs15

    Unofficial Contest: MCL's Sizzlin' Spookfest [RESULTS]

    The time is upon us! Below are the final results: 1st Place ($300): Ares by Aulli 2nd Place ($150): Vacuum by Brokkhouse & Muddy 3rd Place ($50): Spookery by Mess About 4th Place: Poltergeist by Tang & Rhamkin 5th Place: Meat Train by Ray is Sucky 6th Place: Soul Pit by...
  17. MC_Labs15

    Unofficial Contest: MCL's Sizzlin' Spookfest [UPLOADS]

    Original Contest Thread Now that we're approaching the (extended) contest deadline of September 15th (midnight GMT), I am opening up submissions here. Submitting Please post a link in this thread in the following format: Map Name: Gamemode: Link: Custom Mechanic(s): Contributors: Extra Info...
  18. Mess About

    koth_spookery a9

    my entry to MCL's Sizzlin' Spookfest 2022 Name: koth_spookery Theme: Halloween, maritime Custom content: sky_night_02, sunshine arches (lot of them) Feature: friendly ghost that heals your team and scare off the enemy less spicy pumpkin bombs (compared with Valve version) well as a deathpit...
  19. Katsu! :3

    Theme Throwdown! - Unofficial Detail Contest

    Ladies, Gentlemen, and everyone inbetween, I would like to proudly present to you... THEME THROWDOWN Basically? You have three themes to choose from, per contest. Whichever theme you choose will be how you detail your map for said contest. Rules/Information | Upload Thread | Voting | Results...
  20. Mikroscopic

    Dusk Till Dawn 2019 entries 2022-08-14

    Two maps I entered to the 2019 Dusk Till Dawn contest that I forgot to upload here. One is set in the canals of Venice, the other is a witch's hut in the swamp.