High & Low - Detailing Mini-Contest 2018

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Jul 31, 2009
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High & Low Detailing Mini-Contest


Rules and Information | Upload Thread | Voting Post

It's that time of year yet yet again, where you bust out your creativity, break free of the contraints of "layout," "sightlines," and "optimisation" and create the best damn looking TF2 scene you can.

Over the past few contests we've done some interesting ideas, we had spawn rooms, intel rooms, final control points... this time, I'm branching out and giving you a bit more of an interesting theme. I'm really excited to see where you guys take this!

To enter the contest, create the best looking TF2 scene you can in a 2048x2048 area!

This time, I want you to create a map based on the theme "High and Low."

Results are now available!!

  • 2048x2048 size. No height limit.
  • 3D skybox is allowed.
  • Custom content is allowed as long as it fits one or both of the following criteria: It is made entirely by yourself, or available for public download prior to the start of the contest.
  • Collabs are not allowed.
  • No game logic is required, but players should be able to walk around your map and see your work from multiple perspectives. As such, clipping and optimisation is unecessary, although clipping may help.
  • Maximum of two entries per person.
  • You must have at least one spawn point in your map, it doesn't matter where but the player needs to be able to spawn in!
  • Your map must be TF2 styled. (No other valve games/other games)
  • Your submission MUST follow this naming convention: highandlow2018_<forum name>.bsp (If your forum name is stupidly long, compromise on your name, not the prefix. eg. highandlow2018_vfig.bsp for Velvet Fist Iron Glove's entry)
    • If you submit two entries, add a _2 to your second entry.
  • Everything must be finished and submitted in the upload thread before the deadline! Upload thread will be up a week prior to the deadline and you are allowed to submit any time within that week, and update your entry as many times as necessary before the deadline.
  • Your map should try to follow the theme of "high" or "low", (non exclusive, you can do both if you want) how you do that is up to you but a blatant disregard for the theme might not be looked favorably upon.


The contest begins as of this post.

The deadline is 8:00AM 15th July 2018 GMT+0

Please see below for local time

PST -- 1:00 AM, 15th July 2018
MST -- 2:00 AM, 15th July 2018
EST -- 4:00 AM, 15th July 2018
BST -- 9:00 AM, 15th July 2018

CST/SGT/AWST -- 4:00 PM, 15th July 2018
AEST -- 6:00 PM, 15th July 2018
NZST -- 6:00 PM, 15th July 2018


Submission Format:

In your submission (in the submission thread, Will be posted at a later date):
  • A link to your .bsp in the naming format above. Please compress your map also.
  • Please make sure ALL content is pakrat'd into your BSPs, but please make sure it follows the custom content rules above.
  • You should provide only one screenshot of your map, taken at the best gfx quality your pc can handle, no HUD elements or player models either. For more information on how to do this, click here.


First place:
$20 USD Steam Gift Card


What can we map? What's with the theme? Can I get clarifications?
You can map anything so as long as it abides by the rules. The theme is yours to interpret how you wish, maybe it's the map itself being high or low, a feature in your map, a quantity of something, that's up to your creativity. If you find yourself struggling to justify how your map fits with the theme, you're probably straying a bit too far - but that's ultimately up to the people judging your map.

Some examples may be: A map on city rooftops, or in a cave. A map with a large vertical element as a focal point, or a giant pit. A map set in the sky or in the underworld.

Does it have to be high, low or both?
It can be either high, or low, or both, in any way you wish to interpret it.

Can we detail an existing map (ie. dev textures)?
Yes, as long as it fits within the size constraints and was made by you, and has had no previous detail work done.

Does the 3d skybox also have to be inside the 2048x2048 space?
Yes, the skybox must fit within the limits, however remember that there is no limit to height so you can put it above or below the map safely.

Is it okay to have props slightly sticking out of the 2048 squared area?
Yes, however as the containing bounds of your map must contain exactly 2048x2048 (or less) area, any prop origins which are outside these bounds will leak! And that won't be good! So keep your origins inside this space for your sake.

Will sound in the map also be judged as detail?
The judging process at the end of the contest is essentially players wandering through maps and voting on whichever they liked best in a forum poll. So you should add anything that would help give the illusion of the scene (so yes to audio, animations, etc).

Can I donate to the prize stash?
Absolutely you can. It would be much appreciated.
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Jul 10, 2017
Question: Even though there's only a first place prize, will there still be position awards, so the mapper can see how ell they did?

Da Spud Lord

Occasionally I make maps
Mar 23, 2017
Perfect timing, I was running out of excuses to not work on Cathedral.


27 crashes and counting
Jul 10, 2017
Yes, and if I can source more prizes there will likely be more placed prizes too
May I recommend
1st 20$
2nd 15$
3rd 10$

(or 2nd 10$ and 3rd 5$)


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Dec 15, 2013
Interesting theme choice. Not at all what I was expecting, so this should be a cool challenge. I wish everyone luck in completing their entry!


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May 1, 2015
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's interpretation of the theme and whatever else they come up with. Best of luck if you're entering.