KotH Coaster A2A

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L1: Registered
Nov 17, 2015
koth_coaster - A KotH map set within the 'Teufort Tower' theme park.

Welcome to Teufort Tower, where thrills and spills are yours for the taking, without the need to hand over your soul! Just your money.

This map is set within a small-scale amusement park, where both teams are fighting over the rights to the revenue of the park, alongside the hidden device within the castle. Mainly the revenue part.

In addition to the standard KotH stuff, this map features:
  • Repurposed trusses to form a roller coaster track!
  • Theming within theming thanks to the ticket booth!
  • A more functional shooting gallery compared to our competitors!
  • No hidden laser weaponry! No sir!
  • 100% focused on extracting your wealth, not your soul!


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Oct 12, 2014
"Teufort Tower. Where the most suspense to be had is at the 35% mortality rate!"


L1: Registered
Nov 17, 2015
Changes and stuff:
  • Changed the repetitive orange of the walls to a more fitting grey.
  • Prevented people from getting stuck on fences and walls.
  • Lowered part of the thin, long roof near the point.
  • Added another entrance point and a Conquistador Fried Giblets stall on the Blu and Red side respectively.
  • Added sightline blockers to help cover the front spawn doors.
  • Added actual roofs for the middle building.
  • Removed drunks from said roofs.

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