PL BeerBowl b8

Drink and be safe.

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    Beta 8 Changelog:
    -Reverted lighting back to a previous version (b5a)
    -Final Capture Point Changes
    ---Changed the doors to one way doors on the top right flank, BLU now has to jump down to attack bottom right sentry spot.
    ---Changed the layout of the left flank and added a door, to slightly slow down BLU from that area.
    ---Added another door to final RED spawn.
    -Reduced Maximum Cart Speed by 11%
    -Reduced Addtime on CP3 by 30 seconds
    -Added nobuild triggers to certain areas.
    -Made the friendship bridge near CP2 look cleaner.
    -Reduced the yellowness in many of lights around the map.
    -Fixed various exploits.

    Planned upcoming changes:
    -Figure out a way to do a two cart system with rollforward and rolldown mechanics without having the two cart go inside each other.
    -Keep polishing and improving the map.
    -Make the forward spawn after CP2 less awkward.

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    Remember kids, dont drink while pushing heavy atomic bombs into a pit that also has a large bottle of beer above it. *que G.I.JOOOOO*
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    Just a quick post to say that we added Beerbowl yesterday to our server rotation (THG Teamwork server) and it's great succes, our regular players like it, and i think it's going to be nominated and played very often.
    Great map and great fun for all of us, thank you for making it !!!
    Cheers !
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