KoTH_ChargingStation a3

Its not that terrible CTF map I made, and gave up on.

  1. Davekillerish
    koth_chargingstation_a30020.jpg koth_chargingstation_a30018.jpg koth_chargingstation_a30016.jpg Its not my first, and its not shipping wars.
    I thought why make a viaduct layout map when you can just do something different?
    Then I made this...


    1. koth_chargingstation_a30012.jpg
    2. koth_chargingstation_a30010.jpg
    3. koth_chargingstation_a30008.jpg
    4. koth_chargingstation_a30004.jpg
    5. koth_chargingstation_a30002.jpg
    6. koth_chargingstation_a30000.jpg