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DynCP Cp_Intrusion a6

Attack / Defence map for the CP Dynamic Contest. #James Bond Approved

  1. Davekillerish
    Standard Atttack / Defence map, the dynamic element that we are using is the idea of Movie Stunts.
    This map will include but is not limited too:
    Certain routes being added and closed via large events that take everyone's attention, such as: Cap B triggers a large boulder to smash open a flank route and killing players who dont head the warnings on the point.
    Current Collabration team:

    cp_intrusion_a60056.jpg cp_intrusion_a60054.jpg


    1. cp_intrusion_a60052.jpg
    2. cp_intrusion_a60038.jpg
    3. cp_intrusion_a60036.jpg
    4. cp_intrusion_a60034.jpg
    5. cp_intrusion_a60020.jpg
    6. cp_intrusion_a60018.jpg
    7. cp_intrusion_a60016.jpg
    8. cp_intrusion_a60002.jpg
    9. cp_intrusion_a60000.jpg

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    ★ dlirA01 ★
    Version: A4
    its good :) i like it