ARENA backlot rc2

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Fruity Snacks

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Sep 5, 2010
By: Joseph 'Fr0z3n' R

"Work by day, fight by night."

Red and Blu are expanding! But it comes with a cost, the more they expanded, the less and less room there is to build! Now they are on the last piece of workable land, and both sides want it. It would take too long for their bosses to sort out deals and such, so they fight for it at night, under the cover of darkness

Presenting Arena Backlot..

This is a small arena map based in a construction yard. I based the layout a little bit around lumberyard. What is interesting about the map is that the point is suspended in the air by a crane, and is unaccessable until 30 seconds into the game. Also, gates will open on the sides of the cap area to open it up and make end-gameplay a little bit more interesting.

Special thanks:
The Construction Pack team (No really, guys, its great)
ABS Pack (Gametype library)
Seba - Construction light stand model/Generator Light Pole
Rexy - Portable Toilet models/forklift model
Prestige - for blatenly abusing the hell out of the sticky jumper to prove that he can go far before the round starts.

As a side note, this is something that I will do with all maps after (and including this). If any of my maps go official (doubtful), I will donate half of my stamp money to the Childs Play Charity. Its a great charity doing a lot with the gamers everywhere.

No Editing of this map without permission to the author, please. Either post here or email me at the above email.
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Aug 11, 2008
You don't have the man-parts to call this map a1?



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Oct 24, 2010
I should try making a small arena map in under two hours. That kind of thing I would enjoy doing if I had enough motivation (and a good or otherwise reasonable idea).


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Jun 12, 2009
Ya, expand the area around the cap.
Death pits of that scale are stupid.

Fruity Snacks

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Sep 5, 2010
Yea, I just got my new comp, so i'm transferring everything over to that, I'll be working on this tonight...

I feel horrible stupid and slightly cocky about doing it 2 hours and then have it just fail. I'll do better next time. For a1.

I'll expand the point up, make things look nicer, pack things, etc.

Fruity Snacks

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Sep 5, 2010
After that humiliating run with a0, I release a1, a little bit more serious this time.

a1: For real this time:
-Packed everything
-Broke up some sightlines
-made some non-visible brushwork cleaner
-widened/opened up area around the point
-modified some textures
-skybox is more generic

I made the deathpit area less wide. Pyro's still may dominate, but I'll have to see testing.


Sep 11, 2013
You can run off the ground onto the crane platform. The gap is small enough that if you generate a nav mesh, bots run over it. Normally they don't do that, or jump at all. The hole is small enough like this to be so inconsequential I am not sure it needs to be there. The back side... I dunno. Wasn't playing with a lot of bots. Could be different in game.

Also, this isn't a dry dock.

Spawns are really close together. Enemy teams will probably meet way too fast. Even the upper flanking routes end up touching very quickly.

The amount of health you have is bizarre and maybe too much. Look at Arakawa for a good example of a medium health in arena: one small in a normal spot, one large on a tiny plank over a death pit.

The routes that turn down on the far sides seem odd. At least throw some crates near there so they can be jumped into.

The platforms the trucks are on is a few units lower than the rest.

Use an info_lighting to light the trains.

This could be fun in a few versions. ;D

Fruity Snacks

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Sep 5, 2010
For a Drydock, it sure is watery.

Thats the ironic part

Oh, wait, I am wrong about what a dry dock is. I'm stupid.

a drydock is where ships are made/repaired. Its easier to build a ship out of water, rather than in it, hence the dry (no water) and dock (boats.)...

But yea.

Fruity Snacks

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Sep 5, 2010
a2: Here we go...
-Packed -and tested- everything
-redid cap point
-added some time-related doors
-clipped better

The point is now in the middle, behind a couple doors which open after 60 seconds. The point does not really come into play into the map now until 60 seconds in, when the crane will lower it **It will kill you when it comes down, if your under it***. I may adjust this time because the map is a bit smaller than the usual arena map, so i may lower it to 30-45 secs, will determine later.

I'm hopeing this kinda breaks up the game play.

I also added a second route, opposite the direction of the water, this is just to make it less one sided, and a little bit more even.

EDIT: People may be asking why i'm punching out this map so quickly and not taking my time. Its just what I do. 90% of the time when I do something like this (visual thinking, spacial thinking, stuff like mapping or design) I just sit down and do it. I process most of my thoughts quickly, so... yea... It can hurt me, but I don't mind doing 15 alpha's of a map (aka... the icarus syndrome :p )
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