Backlot rc2

Grab your hardhat for fast paced arena action!

  1. Fruity Snacks
    By: Joseph 'Fr0z3n' R

    "Work by day, fight by night."

    Red and Blu are expanding! But it comes with a cost, the more they expanded, the less and less room there is to build! Now they are on the last piece of workable land, and both sides want it. It would take too long for their bosses to sort out deals and such, so they fight for it at night, under the cover of darkness.

    Presenting Arena Backlot..

    This is a small arena map based in a construction yard. I based the layout a little bit around lumberyard. What is interesting about the map is that the point is suspended in the air by a crane, and is unaccessable until 30 seconds into the game. Also, gates will open on the sides of the cap area to open it up and make end-gameplay a little bit more interesting.

    Special thanks:
    The Construction Pack team (No really, guys, its great)
    ABS Pack (Gametype library)
    Seba - Construction light stand model/Generator Light Pole
    Rexy - Portable Toilet models/forklift model
    Prestige - for blatenly abusing the hell out of the sticky jumper to prove that he can go far before the round starts.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: rc2
    looks great
  2. TheFierceDevilâ„¢
    Version: rc2
    I like to try out arena maps for my friends and I to duel. And this map is pretty fun.