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    The Engineer Update v0.6

    item #09055
    Level 20 portable dispenser

    This is a portable dispenser, for those who want to get involved in to the battle.
    With this you can now help your teammates in the battle field. Provide them with ammo and health.

    Health: 20/sec
    Ammo: 20%/sec
    Metal: 40/sec
    Metal generation: 40/5sec

    Can help teammates
    Spies can't backstab

    Engineer is -10% slower
    Provides less metal and health
    Can be sapped ( sapper can be removed by other engineers)
    Backspenser is healing it's owner 50% slower

    item #04390
    Mr. Hank
    Level 1 Sentry Gun (Shield is included)

    This is the sentry for real man. This sentry can't be upgraded, but it has a shield, but it can be destroyed by sappers.

    Health: 170
    Cost: 150
    Weapon: Semi-Automatic Firing Barrel UFB01
    Damage: 15-25 damage
    3 shots per second
    30-45 DPS
    Ammo: 90 bullets

    Easy to build
    Longer fire range
    2x slower sapping rate

    Cant be upgraded

    item #08395
    Level 8 shotgun

    Engineer has become smarter and remade the Shotgun.
    He added a battery to the shotgun and remade the shotgun's structure a bit.
    With this shotgun he can uncloak spies with one hit.
    This gun has electrified bullets. If you shoot an enemy with this gun and he jumps in the water, he will be electrified.
    Ammo loaded: 1 Ammo carried: 32
    Point blank: 100-110
    Medium range: 15-35
    Long range: 2-8

    40% chance to uncloak spies
    Bigger damage

    No crits
    Battery can be overloaded

    Other weapons and pictures will be added later.
    Item stats may be modified.
    Please give me feedback about what you would add or change.
    © Engineer 2009

    Post your own update ideas ;)

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  2. Gaw

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    Engineer is credit to team!
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  3. Nineaxis

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    I'm wondering why people are still suggesting sentry replacements when buildings are not loadout-enabled and have never been.
  4. A Boojum Snark

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    Probably because buildables are the key facet of the engineer and would be the most interesting to make alternates for, rather than his backup weapons.

    That and the spy never had the watch slot, nor is it a weapon, but they ended up doing it and leaving out two of his weapons.
  5. grazr

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    I had always imagined a shield would be activated manually/remotely somehow and last for perhaps 8 seconds. With a 30 second recharge. The shield "button" might perhaps replace the pistol.

    The other notion was a mannable turret. which would benefit from a players own sight range, players ability to predict players, in exchange for the benefit of the hard coded aimbot. But i can't see how this might be done ingame as shoving a player on an already large structure.. It may have limited places to be located. But perhaps this can just be another draw back. Maybe it can only be placed at a mapper's predifined location by a "mannable turret emplacement". But it begs the question of how it can be healed if the engineer seats the device, because it wouldn't be practical to take an assault class out of action to man a turret.

    I like the idea of the "rail/shotgun gun" to uncloak spies.

    I'm not keen on a portable dispenser that can be zapped and not unzapped unless a second engineer is about. it would also seem redundant in A/D maps, where engineers make forward positions as standard anyway. We have battle medics and battle snipers now, i'm not sure we need battle engineers.

    An alternative to a Sentry might be the ability to construct proxy mines, or some sort of trap as a defence, rather than a sentry. But perhaps this is taking too much away from the demoman.
  6. Shmitz

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    While I do think having alternate buildables opens up a lot more options for what they could do, I would also be happy getting a replacement wrench that builds things three times as fast. Give it whatever drawback you like and it'd still make engy much more viable in arena mode. Plus, in any game mode would make it a lot easier to build Surprise! sentries, which I do love doing. :)
  7. Penguin

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    item #01729
    The Slagmaster
    Level 10 Welding Torch

    This is a welding torch, used in place of the pistol. It is a short range weapon that deals fire damage to those in melee range. This can also be used to repair and initially construct your buildings.

    Damage: 20 to 25 (More with afterburn)
    Speed: 22.5 fire particles each second
    Ammo: 400
    (+50 on regular weapon pickups, +100 on Flamethrower or Backburner pickups.)

    Deals Afterburn
    Can Repair and Build
    +20% Repair Speed
    Useful for flushing out those damn spies

    -20% Build Speed
    +5% More Metal needed for all functions
    Does not work in water
    Cannot remove Sappers

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  8. Shoomonger

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    Looks like a good idea. But as for buildables...wait and see till we find out what valve has to say.
  9. Shoomonger

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    The Drill

    LVL 10 wrench

    The drill builds and level ups buildings twice as fast as the wrench But sadly causes only a little damage to enemies.
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  10. Waif

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    That could be kinda cool, when using it verses other players it wouldn't be a swingable weapon, but more like a constant damage thing (think flamethrower but superclose) .
    I can just imagine 3 engies all running around with their drills out (drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) killing a spy.
  11. Bockagon

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    The Metalgun
    level 10 long range wrench

    In a sheer burst of ingenuity the engineer has devised a way to tend to his buildings without having to be right on top of them. The Metalgun allows you to remove sappers, upgrade and repair your buildings from any range.

    removes sappers, upgrades, and repairs buildings even at long range
    allows engineers to stay in a safer location but still be able to maintain their buildings

    costs 15 metal to fire
    repairs/upgrades buildings at 15 metal per hit instead of 25
    cannot damage enemies
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  12. Penguin

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    That's the general purpose of the torch that I had posted.