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  • Hi, I can't reply to the meridan thread, I guess because I'm new to forums. Pardon if this has already been said.

    There's a couple places where you can get caught on stuff. In the room with the submarine, a crate in one of the corners has something weird on it. If you run by as scout it pops you up in the air.

    Same stage with the submarine, the room with the two robotic arms has some stuff you can get caught on.

    Personally I don't like the control point table. I honestly think it would be better if it was just a flag floating there, otherwise its confusing. I think the fact that round opens like territory is enough. Also, I think the table is awkward, like you bump into it when there are fights around the flag.

    The giant robot room is really cool, but a little confusing. A lot of the entrances and exits to the enemy base are kind of unmarked or at least not too distinguishable from each other.

    Otherwise, its a beautiful map. Thanks!
    Hey man, can you add me on steam ? i modelled a prop (wild west style covered wagon) and currently unwrapping it but could use some help when it comes to compiling it for tf2. Steam id is oskalt :p
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