Aqua final

A Mayan-themed map that utilises the mechanic of how water behaves in Source Engine games.

  1. 200
    If you ever tried to rocket jump for a decent amount of time, you probably know how glitchy the water is - it allows you to gain insane speed, jump very high and glide on its surface without touching the ground.

    Yes, it may not have the desired high level of detailing because it is very big for a normal map, but it does look somehow pretty for a jump map.

    12 water-based levels, 4 gimmicky bonuses.

    Soldier tier: 3
    Demo tier: 2


    Alongside with Mayan Project assets this map is using several Borneo models so all the credit for that goes to original author.

Recent Reviews

  1. Juniorcuber
    Version: final
    Really nice map good for ascetics and to learn jumping