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Uzaugi A5

There are waterfalls, and it's koth.

My very first map.

Set at a Waterfall, this map is unique in that the Red and Blu teams decided to build their bases right beside each other. Of course, ignoring the yet-to-be beautiful landscape, one is left with a creative map that still offers balanced gameplay (in theory).

*Name Changed! From Falls to Uzaugi (+points if you know why)*

Alpha 5

==Change Log==
  • Remade entire map to make it into a proper map with "rooms" (not just a giant box with stuff in it).
  • As a result, all hidden textures are now nodraw.
  • Compressed the lower spawn area significantly.
  • Widened mid (red and blu bases are now physically apart by some distance).
  • Compressed mid to encourage going to control point.
  • Switched the positioning of the control point and the center tree.
  • Closed off bridge to opposite sides with gates to prevent an opening to enemy base (forces players through mid).
  • Adjusted spawnrooms to make lower exit more obvious.
  • Adjusted the lower right/left spawn exits to immidiately be an exit (not stairs).
  • Cut the height of the upper spawn room exit to the upper water deck in half.
  • Replaced the trees near the spawn exits with stumps (also added some smaller stumps near the point).
  • Adjusted ammopack and healthkit spawns.
  • Walktime to control point as stock heavy from back of spawn: ~19 seconds (from ~22-24).

=Known Issues=
  • It might be too dark/bright in some places.
  • Water = Neon Annihilator crits (bad) & Super rocket jumps (good? bad?)

20160805002910_1.jpg 20160805002912_1.jpg 20160805002913_1.jpg 20160805002920_1.jpg 20160805002923_1.jpg 20160805002924_1.jpg 20160805002926_1.jpg 20160805003022_1.jpg 20160805003006_1.jpg 20160805003205_1.jpg

=Extra Info=
  • Where there are brushes all clustered together will eventually be proper rocks (Displacements).
  • I may add another exit from the spawns underneath that branches off into flank routes if the need arises.

Congratulations on reading all of that, or congrats on skipping to the bottom :D
Either way, thanks for taking the time to at least see that the map exists.
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. The Deboxify Update

    This update was primarily to "deboxify" my map. In other words, I started out with a box, then I filled it with stuff. Thus, in this update, I basically remade the entire map, but I did it properly. No more giant box with stuff in it. As a bonus...
  2. An Overhaul Update

    So this update plans to fix many of the issues of A3. Specifically, the new version is hopefully no longer overscaled. Everything is much lower, and most of the corridors and rooms are smaller. However, the spawnrooms had a massive redesign. They...
  3. The "There's too much water!" Update (Alpha 3)

    So apparently, water is bad. This version attempts to alleviate the occasional *WHACK* crit again by that pyro. =Change log= Added grates & wooden "bridges" to take players off the water in some places. Removed sightlines. Adjusted the...