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ctf_taki a1

Prove your ancestors that you're better than the enemy!

- The map right now is not fully playable, the map will be symmetric so when I finish the RED part I will just have to copy paste and edit the necessary things for the BLU part -

Stage: Alpha v1

Gamemode(Possibilities): Mainly Invade CTF, KotH, Arena, CP, A gamemode that I will be working on (Conquest).

The map consists on 2 temples , one belongs to the RED and the other to the BLU. Between the temples there will be some kind of platform (I don't know how to call it) which will be connected to the temples by the addition of bridges, these bridges won't be really long though. Oh I forgot, the "briefcase" will be in the middle of that platform. I really don't know what I can do to replace the briefcase model, maybe some explosives(if we are talking about Invade CTF)? Idk really.
This map will be mostly open, so to avoid balacing problems (snipers could cause a lot of trouble and make the map not fun to play) I though of making a rainy weather with fog (this will also help optimization) and it will make the map look really good in my opinion!
I also plan on making some japanese illustrations ( I suck at Photoshop so I will be making some dragons :p ) to place it on the ceiling of the main hall of the RED Temple.

About the background, all these buildings will be placed in a waterfall like in this picture:


Talking about the map itself:
I only made the basic brushing and lighting in the RED Temple and I added the middle platform along with the bridge, with some kind of detail. My problem however will be the middle temple, I think I made it too big but I don't want to make it too small either, I want to make that area the "warzone".

I think that's all the info that you need in order to imagine what my goal is on this map! I hope you like the idea.
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