Asym2 Quickflow b2

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Asym2 Quickflow b2

Payload for the 2016 Asymmetry Contest

A single stage payload map. WIP entry to the TF2Maps 2016 Asymmetry Contest.
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. Updated to b2

    - Removed flank from Red's outdoor balcony to Blu spawn yard - Added additional cover near left entrance (from Blu spawn yard) to Red house - Added stairwell from bottom floor of Red house to outdoor balcony - Reworked upper level of room leading...
  2. Updated to b1

    Updated to b1: - Divided the large house at point A into two separate flank routes that no longer connect with each other - Route leading up to Red's upper balcony can now be accessed via a new doorway to the left of the house - Added a small...
  3. Updated to a4

    - Added more signs and arrows around map for easier navigation - Adjusted no entry signs on spawn doors so they now show on the outside of the door - Adjusted lighting Kinda should have been more of an a3a but eh whatever